About Me

My name is Jon Homan, 21yrs old, and I have been an Ubuntu user for close to two years. I am a student at Minnesota State University - Mankato, studying Computer Information Science. I first used Ubuntu a little while after the Breezy release. After Fiesty was released, I cut all ties to Windows and have been solely Linux, with the exception of work.

Ubuntu Community

I maintain a blog where I will write short tutorials and how-to's on varios Ubuntu-related topics. I also hang out in several Ubuntu IRC channels and try to spend some time in the support channel and lend a hand when I can.

I am also working to get the Minnesota LoCo team setup.

Contact Me

Email: jon AT jonhoman DOT com

Jabber: eletido AT jabber DOT org

IRC: homanj on #ubuntu-us and #ubuntu-minnesota


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