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IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Ethernet Interconnections
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IconsPage/terminal.png ./Quick-Quagga
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IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Bird Internet Routing Daemon
IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Network Time Protocol
IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Quagga Routing Daemon
IconsPage/iconCircleSmall.png Router Advertisement Daemon

Useful Daemons:
Domain Name System
sudo apt-get install bind9 && sudo sed -i 's/RESOLVCONF=no/RESOLVCONF=yes/' /etc/default/bind9 && sudo /etc/init.d/bind9 restart
File Transfer Protocol
sudo apt-get install pure-ftpd
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
sudo add-apt-repository -u ppa:unit193/cherokee && sudo apt-get install cherokee
Secure Shell
sudo apt-get install ssh

Useful Programmes:
Concurrent Shells
sudo apt-get install byobu
Network Interface Utilisation
sudo apt-get install ethstats

Useful Commands:
Network Interface bitrate testing using a server and client hierarchy — if the Interface speeds of the End Systems are not equal, do not source UDP from the faster transmit-capable End System.
iperf3 -s
iperf3 -c <destination address> [-b 0] [-l 0] [-N] [-R] [-u] [-w 0] [-Z] [-B <source address>]
Run a shell script on a particular CPU
taskset -c <CPU n-1> ./shell-script
Run a shell script with Real Time scheduling
sudo chrt [-f | -r] <1-99> sudo -u $USER ./shell-script
Create a backup of a disk
sudo fdisk -l | grep "Disk /dev/"
sudo dd if=<Disk> | lzma --best > ./backup
Restore a backup to a disk
sudo fdisk -l | grep "Disk /dev/"
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=<Disk>; unlzma ./backup -c | sudo dd of=<Disk>

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