Jonathan Marsden

Email: <jmarsden AT SPAMFREE fastmail DOT fm>


  • Learn enough about Ubuntu packaging to become a MOTU someday.
  • Document the learning process so others learn from my mistakes

Current Activities

  • Answering questions on LP Answers
  • Fixing simple bugs
  • Creating debdiffs for them
  • Hanging out on #ubuntu-motu and #ubuntu-server both asking for help and helping others
  • Adding or editing content on this wiki where appropriate
  • Verifying SRUs from -proposed when I can
  • Packaging a few applications, notably SWORD, bibletime and bibledit
  • Created packages for Reprap, which I should one day try to do well enough to get into Debian/Ubuntu
  • Created an automated ISO creation script for Lubuntu based on info from Julien Lavergne
  • Used the above script to generate the "official" Lubuntu natty Alpha 3 ISO
  • Becoming increasingly comfortable with bzr and git and their use for Ubuntu/Debian packaging

Common Mistakes in Packaging (which I have made already!)

  • Keep lines of text under 80 chars in debian/changelog
  • Remember to update the Standards-Version (and check the package meets the new version)
  • Provide plenty of detail in debian/changelog so a newcomer can quickly see what was changed
  • The one line synopsis needs to be a noun phrase. Think "<packagename> is a <noun phrase>". Many current packages do not seem to follow this guideline, but that's 'life'.



phillw was delegated with the day to running of #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic well over a year ago

  • phillw +votsriRfAF (founder) [modified 1 year, 13 weeks, 5 days, 18:36:31 ago]).

As a part of that it was left to my discretion to appoint OPs as and when I felt they were ready. as nhandler was my mentor for a while on UBT and instilled into me the role of freenode-catalyst and also the higher Code-of Conduct Higher Code of Conduct as it pertains to both forum dealings, IRC dealings etc. Each and everyone of the current OPs on lubuntu not only follow the letter of the rules, but also the spirit. They are our ambassadors, and I am privalidged to count them also as good friends. I have no hesitation in recommendeding JonathanMarsden who was appointed as a lubuntu OP jmarsden +votriA (OP) [modified 32 weeks, 0 days, 10:17:45 ago] for full core OP's adoption. phillw 7th Jan 2012


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