I'm a KDE and Kubuntu developer. I'm 28, living in Edinburgh in Scotland.


I was one of the first Kubuntu developers. I started off by packaging the latest KDE for Ubuntu as soon as Ubuntu went public and supporting the many new Ubuntu users who wanted to use KDE. Ubuntu took a wee while to work out its community processes but once it did I was the first Ubuntu member and the first core-dev and started uploading KDE packages. By the time of the second Ubuntu release we were in a position to release a KDE variant called Kubuntu.

I'm now a Canonical employee privileged enough to work full time on Kubuntu. I make packages, write apps such as the installer, test images, do releases and try to build the community.


I'm also a KDE developer. I look after Umbrello UML Modeller (not very much these days alas). I'm an editor on KDE Dot News and run Planet KDE.


In the wider Ubuntu world I'm an archive admin, processing new queue and other tasks each Tuesday. I'm also on the release team.

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