Because Launchpad is heavily used and critical for QA activities in Ubuntu it is important that Ubuntu QA is well represented to the Launchpad development and management teams.

one that establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation

The liaison's duties:

  • Provide Launchpad developers with prioritized bugs/specs relevant to Ubuntu QA
  • Provide Ubuntu QA with information on Launchpad changes and progress
  • Drive discussion around needed Launchpad changes or possible bug fixes
  • Advocate on behalf of Ubuntu QA to Launchpad developers and management
  • Do the all of the above in as transparent and collaborative of a way as possible

Some useful liaison activities:

  • Solicit Launchpad feedback on a specific change or Launchpad feature
  • Solicit individual priority bugs affecting QA
  • Consult Launchpad developers for possible future directions

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