1 <Syntux> boredandblogging, nothing much other than what's in the wiki
   2 <Syntux> but I would like to emphasis that we are not a social group and so we encourage joining if the candid can contribute and only contribute to the team activities.
   3 <boredandblogging> Syntux: most of your focus seems to be at the university level, have you reached out in any other way?
   4 <Syntux> we are not trying to replace the local lug in its social activities and we are trying to build a team of qualified people to spread the word properly.
   5 <popey> sorry guys
   6 <Syntux> boredandblogging, we do have plans for small computer shop https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-jo/2008-June/000147.html
   7 * Invitado (n=Invitado@ has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   8 <JanC> Syntux: you participate with the LUGs though?
   9 <Syntux> unfortunately most of computer shops install FreeDOS if the customer decline paying for MS and that's either because they don;'t know about Linux or they don't know that there is a local group that can provide help
  10 <JanC> damn, why can't I get on the wiki  :-(
  11 <Syntux> JanC, I'm a core member of Jolug.
  12 <Syntux> JanC, and of course as a team we do participate in Jolug social activities although it's not that much
  13 <Syntux> one of our plans is to do things slowly, we are not planning to have more than one activity per month which can include lecture, course and install fest
  14 <boredandblogging> from the lectures and workshops you have done, have you gotten people interested or using Ubuntu?
  15 <Syntux> we are also trying to reach other universities out of the city but yet we don't have good contacts there.
  16 <Syntux> boredandblogging, yes we even got some active members out of the lectures
  17 <popey> Syntux: do you have any way of "measuing" your membership? do you use mailing list stats, forum stats or launchpad team members?
  18 <Syntux> namely Ramy Eid, he's IEEE member in Jordan university and he did all the logistic for us when we head there.
  19 <boredandblogging> Syntux: the Ubuntu Lab, did you approach the university to do that?
  20 <Syntux> popey, I don't have access to the mailing list stats yet and my team is relatively inactive on forums and launchpad but seriously active on the floor
  21 <Syntux> most of them are fresh university students and they do WoW and online gaming rather than IRC, forums and mailing lists.
  22 <popey> :)
  23 <JanC> Syntux: when did you start with the LoCoTeam (I didn't find anything before March on the application-page that I had open in my browser?)
  24 <Syntux> boredandblogging, not as Ubuntu LoCo because of bureaucracy so we had to push some student to ask for it and then they invited us to do it
  25 <Syntux> JanC, the first serious activity as a loco team was in March and before I was head hunting and inviting joluggers to join me
  26 <boredandblogging> Syntux: will the LoCo be involved in maintenance of the lab or will the university do that?
  27 <Syntux> boredandblogging, two university students will handle that plus we gave the lab coordinator a crash course in ubuntu
  28 <Syntux> and if thing went out of control we don't mind going to fix it
  29 <Syntux> we actually had a plan to sign a contract with the JU so we give them free maintenance if they let us use the lab as our primary lab for the LocO
  30 <Syntux> but couple of weeks later we got a better offer from the Royal Scientific Society which include an office, lab and library space
  31 <JanC> that's a lot you get  ツ
  32 <Syntux> and we still negotiating it with them http://temp.syntux.net/Concept_Letter.pdf as we don't want to sign on something way bigger than our capabilities
  33 <Syntux> JanC, we made a good reputation out of the first course and lecture so people started to call asking for the same in their university
  34 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  sorry I was on my cellphone. i was following. are you guys documenting your efforts anywhere?
  35 <Syntux> we even got some calls from companies who wants to shift their IT infrastructure to Ubuntu
  36 <Syntux> but our answer was no, yet we cannot help in that
  37 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  sounds like a very interesting project and t would be a wonderful thing t share amonts LoCo teams
  38 <Syntux> effie_jayx, other than the two links mentioned in the wiki?, no :-0
  39 <Syntux> effie_jayx, already did in the LoCo contact mailing list :D
  40 <Syntux> once we agreed with the RSS regarding the National Open Source office thingy we are planning to do some partnership or mediation between Canonical and local companies
  41 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  great. sorry my bad, cellphone navigation not as cool
  42 <boredandblogging> seems like Jordan is making good progress, but I think a couple more months of this good work is needed
  43 <Syntux> surprisingly many companies want to shift (especially after activating copyrights laws in Jordan with MS squad hunting after pirates) but they don't know how or where to get the "Enterprise" support
  44 <Syntux> effie_jayx, oh then here you go https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanTeam/ApprovalApplication https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JordanTeam
  45 <popey> I am inclined to agree boredandblogging, it's dificult going on the say of one person, rather than a body of evidence (forums, launchpad, mailing lists etc), and this is obviously hard for Syntux, but a good goal to reach for.
  46 <JanC> the fact that the first (public) activity was only in March means that the LoCoTeam doesn't exist for at least 4 months yet...
  47 <Syntux> JanC, we applied when the condition was three months :-)
  48 <Syntux> anyway I do understand that we are relatively new team and we still have long way
  49 <popey> that's a minimum, not a maximum
  50 <Syntux> I know :D
  51 <boredandblogging> effie_jayx: thoughts?
  52 <effie_jayx> I think a bit of sharing of projects in the mailing list is healthy
  53 <Syntux> and by the way, I have sent an email to almost all of you guys asking you about the Concept letter regarding using RSS as our legal umbrella but never heard from you guys
  54 <Syntux> effie_jayx, can we define "sharing of projects in the mailing lists"
  55 <effie_jayx> however i do agree with JanC in the fact that the team should be a bit more of a team effort
  56 <Syntux> we don't want to go in that agreement before we hear from the LCC or CC
  57 <boredandblogging> what is RSS?
  58 <Syntux> It is a team effort, I'm just a leader or more of coordinator with charisma to get people moving ;)
  59 <Syntux> boredandblogging, Royal Scientific Society
  60 <effie_jayx> Syntux,  right, then
  61 <Syntux> boredandblogging, http://temp.syntux.net/Concept_Letter.pdf
  62 <Pretto> hacktick, like what ???
  63 <boredandblogging> Syntux: Jordan is starting out well, just keep going
  64 <Syntux> the thing about LoCo team or any social activity in Jordan that people are not into such activities
  65 <Syntux> so someone has to show them the how-to and give them the directions to do it
  66 <Syntux> and this is what I do basically with them, but they do most of the tasks, not me.
  67 <boredandblogging> Syntux: keep leading them
  68 <boredandblogging> JanC, effie_jayx, popey: do we have consensus? Jordan should come back in a couple of months?
  69 <Syntux> especially when it comes to getting inside universities which is something seriously hard in Jordan
  70 <popey> boredandblogging: yes
  71 <popey> with some more evidence of work done
  72 <JanC> boredandblogging: I think that's better yes
  73 <Syntux> popey, I have a link with photos and cert regarding every and each task we did
  74 <Syntux> or I'm missing something here?
  75 <popey> that's great, keep going
  76 <JanC> they seem to do great things, just not for long enough
  77 <Syntux> or what kind of evidences LCC is looking to see more than photos and certs?
  78 <boredandblogging> Syntux: you just need more
  79 <Syntux> yeah sure :-)
  80 <boredandblogging> and at the rate you are doing them, we want you to come back soon
  81 <JanC> Syntux: it should be okay to use an existing legal entity as a proxy for activities (many LoCoTeams already do that occasionally, when they have release parties and such)
  82 <Syntux> of course we will
  83 <Syntux> JanC, yeah of course but I really would appreciate it if you guys could have a look at the concept letter and give me a feedback on it, just in case.
  84 <Syntux> another thing, can we have access to ubuntu-jo.com and mailing list before we become official team?
  85 <boredandblogging> canonical probably own ubuntu-jo.org, don't know about .com
  86 <Syntux> sorry, .org
  87 <boredandblogging> but yes, once approved, you can use the domain
  88 <Syntux> so we cannot get it before that?
  89 <JanC> a mailing list you can already get IIRC?
  90 <popey> yes JanC
  91 <Syntux> JanC, yes but I do not have access to it as admin, I don't know how many or who's in it
  92 <popey> Syntux: who is the admin?
  93 <Syntux> popey, admin of the mailing list
  94 <boredandblogging> Syntux: unfortunately, unapproved locos would spend too much time on the website than doing other things like install fests and workshops
  95 <boredandblogging> shall we move on El Salvador?
  96 <popey> Syntux: can you contact rmyeid+ubuntu@gmail.com?
  97 <popey> they are the admin of the ubuntu-jo mailing list
  98 <Syntux> well, then we will have to go with our second option which is Nashmi.org which means Ubuntu in Jordanian dialect.
  99 <Syntux> popey, I can, but what for?
 100 <popey> boredandblogging: surely they can get dns pointing to their own hosting
 101 <popey> Syntux: to assist in administering the list
 102 <Syntux> popey, ah ok.
 103 <boredandblogging> popey: no, not before being approved
 104 <boredandblogging> i went through this with Jono last year :-)
 105 <popey> boredandblogging: is that a new rule? other non-approved teams do
 106 <popey> ok
 107 <boredandblogging> some locos got grandfathered in
 108 <Syntux> it's ok we will go with nashmi.org on our prints.
 109 <boredandblogging> before any decision was made
 110 <boredandblogging> Syntux: good luck and come back soon
 111 <Syntux> sure, thank you for your time.
 112 <boredandblogging> anyone from El Salvador here?
 113 <effie> el salvador?
 114 <JanC> Syntux: you should be able to get ubuntu-jo.org within 2 months  ツ

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