Jorge Juan short bio

  • UNIX/GNU/Linux user since 1994
  • Location: Sevilla, Spain
  • Born: Jan, 1971
  • Job: University Professor (Electronics Technology)
  • Email: <jjchico AT gmail DOT com>

  • IM (Jabber): <jjchico AT gmail DOT com>

I like computers since I can remember. First time I met a computer at the age of 14 I realized it was what I have been looking for. A brief summary of my computer experience is:

  • 1984-7: Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K: Basic and assembly programming.
  • 1987-1994: IBM PC: MS-DOS, DR-DOS (great DOS until eaten by MS).
  • 1994-present: UNIX (Sun-Solaris, at the university) + GNU tools, GNU/Linux, MS-Windows 3.11/95/98/Me/XP (very ocassionally, when no other option available)

I started learning UNIX with the great Kernighan & Pike book (The UNIX programming environment). I discovered free software by 1995 reading the help included with GNU-Emacs (where everything started) and I got fascinated. I have never been a Windows user, going directly from DOS to UNIX/Linux.

I have been a Debian user since I started using GNU/Linux. Debian was de ideal distribution for me, and still is, but lacked critical features to go mainstream as a desktop OS for the regular user. Then, Ubuntu appeared with everything Debian was lacking from the computer user perspective and it is my first OS since then.

I have been teaching GNU/Linux curses at the University for ten years, where I have been promoting GNU/Linux and free software in every occasion. I use free software whenever it is possible in my different courses at the University. I am also the administrator of our departmental server (running Debian) and something like the local Linux guru.

I would like to start promoting Ubuntu and free software in a more general way (outside the university) among particular users in my area. The current maturity of Ubuntu makes it possible. I would like to create a network of people that can give personal support to other users, local computer shops, institutions, etc.


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