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Large community of UBUNTU Hello I am a 13 year old fan LINUX UBUNTU retail and eager to participate in the great team of COLOMBIA to promote the use of this great operating system. I am very willing to learn and teach great strides to about UBUNTU. Do not hesitate to contact me to solve any problem with UBUNTU.

Contact Information


Launchpad account:

IRC: lomin456


Personal Goals

  1. Learning to use the most UBUNTU systems for use its full capacity.
  2. Actively participate in the Ubuntu community to help spread this operating system and in general all Free Software.
  3. Achieve move completely to UBUNTU LINUX operating system.
  4. Generate significant contributions to this great community of UBUNTU COLOMBIA.
  5. Supporting FOSS as more as possible.
  6. Getting to fully customize my Ubuntu desktop.
  7. Get a CD of original canonical UBUNTU.

Ubuntu-Co Targets

  1. Spread in my group of friends, family and colleagues, using Ubuntu OS
  2. Assist new users in the migration process and support when needed, stimulating learning and use of Free Software.
  3. Contributing to equivalences of large amounts of programs WINDOWS with UBUNTU.
  4. Provide tutorials for using the most common games in UBUNTU WINDOWS completely without error.
  5. Get disseminate talks advantages of UBUNTU.
  6. Develop post all over the web to promote the use of UBUNTU.




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