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Don Jose is one of the more active ubuntu colombia's members his work in Cali colombia is awensome, he is a very good friend and he provide a 'powerful' support for ubuntu users in colombia [[|IngForigua]]


Hey I'm José Bernardo Gutiérrez Araujo, currently live in Cali - Valle (Colombia). I have 25 years, I love reading, music, film, theater and explore new alternatives in free software but just beginning in this world of GNU / Linux, and Ubuntu is the first distribution that I started using it in my life daily for 2 years without missing Guindos, which was a headache for me.

I am currently a student at Systems Technology Foundation Catholic University Lumen Gentium, I am a very responsible and committed in everything that I personally like, and the truth is that Ubuntu has been the best thing that ever happened to me and my computer, as it has many problems as it had when used Guindos and forced me to be formatted my computer because it had no choice when he was with Guindos that if it was a major problem, and I did not have the freedom to manage the software for my taste and my way, however Ubuntu has made ​​me not fail or discomfort to place in doubt the safety of my files and / or personal documents, and the best thing is that my Ubuntu I've been customizing my taste, and really thank God for allowing me to know this OS is best GNU / Linux especially Ubuntu.

Contact Information


Ubuntu Launchpad: jose.gutierrez

Ubuntu JoseGutierrez on



Council Ubuntu Colombian: link


Ubuntu Colombian Team: link


Support Team Ubuntu Colombian: link


Documentation Team Ubuntu Colombian: link

Personal goals

  1. Learning every day of my life of GNU / Linux and especially Ubuntu
  2. Share everything from Linux to others
  3. Participating in the Ubuntu Community, in order to spread this wonderful operating system, and generally spread Everything about FREE SOFTWARE

Objectives Ubuntu-Co

  1. Being an active member of the Ubuntu-Co community, to contribute every day to the growth of the same
  2. Spread with my family, friends and fellow students, the use of Ubuntu as Operating System
  3. Spreading the Ubuntu community Colombia, everyone I know and I'll know in the course of life to make them aware of it and this is itself a source of collaboration for all users


  1. Spread the use of Ubuntu as the operating system 100% free, everywhere.
  2. Ubuntu Colombia Team Manager
  3. I work with daily activities Ubuntu Colombia team, such as user management, management of lists and forums, and provide support through the IRC channel.
  4. Participant Flisol 2011 in Cali
  5. Participant Software Freedom Day 2011 in Cali

Launchpad Contributions

What I'd do

  1. I want to graduate and, though my university does not support me and giving me back my graduation project, as always Fundación Universitaria Católica Lumen Gentium, is limited to the ordinary and usual, they never allow students to explore new alternative and less themed so different and not the entire student has knowledge and opportunity to meet as it is free software, and by it he wanted to have the initiative as a graduation project, and continue to fight for the university aware , that placing limits to knowledge is not good, they must be themselves and academic community, open to change for better vocational training and education for all students.
  2. I further encourage all people I know and I have the opportunity to learn in the course of life, the use of Linux, especially one of such modern distributions such as Ubuntu.
  3. I would like to personally meet Mr. Richard Stallman, to awaken in me, and thousands of people ... The Free Software ... build a free society, and let us know and participate actively in various communities and work teams who are looking for Free Software, the best thing for humanity.
  4. I would also personally know Mr. Mark Shuttleworth, for making possible a project as great and fantastic as it is for the community Ubuntu.


Jose has been very active within the community and outside of it. Thanks to his work, Ubuntu has spread around the Cali and Valle in Colombia.AndresMujica

Jose is a wonderful ubuntu-co member and has worked very well as a council member. Currently helping to coordinate activities in the area south of the country. SergioMeneses

Don Jose is one of the more active ubuntu colombia's members his work in Cali colombia is awensome, he is a very good friend and he provide a 'powerful' support for ubuntu users in colombia IngForigua


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