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Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombian Team member since- 2008-09-23.
Ubuntu Ubuntu BugSquash - 2009-02-17
Ubuntu Ubuntu Colombian Council member since - 2009-05-12.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Member since - 2010-01-21.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Classroom Spanish Team since - 2010-05-12.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Spanish LoCo Teams member since - 2010-05-25.
Ubuntu Ubuntu Latinoamerica Team member since - 2011-12-04.
Ubuntu Ubuntu LoCo Council member since - 2011-12-14
Ubuntu Ubuntu Quality - 2011-12-26
Ubuntu Ubuntu Testcases Admin - since 2012-12-07
Ubuntu Lubuntu Wiki and docs Leader since - 2013-08-09


These are the Teams in which participated with much regularity.



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Support Team Ubuntu-co IconsPage/query.png


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Personal Goals

  1. Learn a lot about free software.
  2. Encourage the use of free software in my area and where to bring philosophy of free software.
  3. To assist the community in the management of free software as a truly useful tool that may be able to compete with any other software.

Objectives Ubuntu

  1. My, ascertain and provide support for community growth.
  2. Learning from each other by way of feedback in order to spread knowledge.
  3. Show great potential for Ubuntu in our country and bring more people turn to the SL.
  4. Create events of spread and creation of new communities in the world of the free software/Ubuntu.

Contributions to the Development of Ubuntu

I'm helping with the editing and translation of the manual of ubuntu and the editing the wikipedia page. in the version in Spanish.

I bring with support in Shapado. Shapado's sitie my shapado profile

I proposed the name Perceptive polecat for Ubuntu12.04 link

I helped with the testing phase for Lernid - 2011 screenshots

Projects with My LoCo: Ubuntu-Co


I am currently the project leader in Ubuntu-Co, Where we are charged with managing the mailing list and provide support in the channel IRC and LaunchPad (Questions)

More information about this team:


I am currently the project leader and creator of this project. The project is responsible for handling the documentation of official team wikis

More information about this team:


I am currently the project leader and creator of this project. Currently only in Spanish

More information about this team:


I am currently the project leader in Ubuntu-Co. Where invites all community members to manage games for Ubuntu.

More information about this team:

UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter where my posts appear

229, 236, 238, 242.



Events about Ubuntu and ClassRoom_ES

Currently I contribute by participating in the mailing list of the community and the team I support equipo de soporte de Ubuntu-Co, in which I have resolved doubts of many of my classmates.

Assist in organizing hacklab held in the city of Cucuta in 2008. Gallery

Join the Global Bug Jam GBJ for Ibex, which helps connect bugs with software packages ... I hope the next best contribute GBJ.

Organizer of the Global Bug Jam for karmic in my city, making speeches about the handling of bugs and implementation of translations. Photos of the day: GBJ Cucuta

I will participate as an instructor in the Ubuntu User Day takes place on Saturday 23 January, with a workshop on the management and file system permissions.Logs

Join the Ubuntu Open Week, which took place on Monday May 3, 2010 with two talks: file systems and Ubuntu Linux permissions.

Participates as an instructor in the Ubuntu User Day that was held on Saturday June 5, 2010 where in the opening of the day, a discussion of permissions in Ubuntu and how to set up a home web server in Ubuntu

Organizer and promoter of Latin American ugj, which was held on August 29, 2010

Coordinator, promoter and instructor of Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish, to be held from 11 to 15 th October, 2010. Session1: knowing ubuntu, log and slide. Session2: My first steps with the terminal, log and slides.

Participated in one of the IRC chat hosted by Ubuntu-ve, as an instructor on the day of the signing of Coc. Logs slides

Coordinator, promoter and instructor of Ubuntu Open Week in Spanish, to be held from 9 to 13 th May, 2011. Session1: Presentation of the Ubuntu Open Week Spanish, log and slide. Session2: How to handle Launchpad, log and slides. Session3: Lubuntu, especially for old pc. Sesion4: Knowing Ubuntu Server, Log Slides

Participated in the CampusParty 2011 with the presentation "Ubuntu Colombia: Formando una comunidad alrededor de una Distribucion GNU/Linux " slides video.

I participated as a speaker on the FISLYP - 2011 (Girardot city), making a conference on how to contribute to the development of Ubuntu. Slides, photoGallery.

I participated as a speaker on the software freedom day SFD - 2011 (Bogota city), making a conference on how to contribute to the development of Ubuntu. Slides, photoGallery and my planetpost

Participated in the CampusParty 2012 with the presentation "Instalar Ubuntu con Soporte para LVM y No Morir en el Intento". photos slides

I participated as a speaker on 'the 1st Binational Conference' with the conference: Ubuntu in the Cloud - 2012 (San Cristoba, Venezuela). photos slides

I participated as a speaker on the FESC event called 'Proyectando' with the conference: Ubuntu in the Cloud- 2012. photos slides

Another Events

In the group of GNU / Linux which I do at my university part contributed to the spread of SL in all fields, giving talks and training sessions. Gallery

Participate as an organizer in the Days of free software that took place in the city JSL2009. Galeria

Participation in the FLISOL 2009 as an installer in the city of Cucuta. Gallery

Assistant to the Free Software Symposium 2008. Gallery

Participation in the FLISOL 2008 as an installer in the city of Cucuta. Gallery

Member of Colibri, where he participated in the Mailing list. Link

Participate as a speaker at the 2010 FLISOL made in my city, talking about free software communities. Gallery

I participated as a speaker at the Barcampcucuta2010:Slides, Gallery.

I went FLISOL2011 coordinator in the city of Cúcuta. Flisol Wiki Gallery


LoCo Council

Ubuntu Sergio has been involved in several projects in the Colombian Local Team and has done a great job! . He is definitely an outstanding candidate for becoming an LoCo Council Member. -- Dante Diaz , (Ubuntu Member and Ubuntu-pe Team Contact).

Ubuntu Sergio is very involved in the Colombia Ubuntu community. He provides ideas and make them happen with great effort. He's spreading the Ubuntu message in many ways and working hard for our distro. He's definitely a good candidate of the Ubuntu Council. costales.

Ubuntu I have worked together on Ubuntu-co, I witnessed the hard work done by sergio, supporting, directing, assisting and educating the ubuntu community members in Colombia, is that with his great experience will contribute more to the entire international community and LoCo Teams. Juan Marquez

Ubuntu Sergio is a big contributor to Ubuntu Colombia, does an excellent job support through mailing lists and IRC chat. He does a great job also for dissemination through conferences and social networking. - julianarmando

Ubuntu Sergio Meneses is 100% committed to all its projects, is a person who works for the community of Ubuntu Colombia is an example for the entire community. Sergio it is my Sensei. - JoseGutierrez Smile :)

Ubuntu Sergio is one of the most active members of the community, always 100% of the time ready to work and give way to new projects without leaving the current. I had the opportunity to learn a lot from participating in the Ubuntu Classroom sessions, learning from the project documentation from which he is the leader, he contributed to my process as an official member of ubuntu, and has been one of my biggest guidelines in the world of free software more specifically ubuntu CesarGomez Funny :))

Ubuntu I've worked with Sergio organizing the Ubuntu OpenWeek in Spanish and he is very commited to Work for and with the Ubuntu Community. Sergio is the right person when you want a job get done. - Josernesto

Ubuntu Sergio Meneses, durante 3 años ha hecho conocer la comunidad de ubuntu a nivel nacional, soy testigo de que Sergio sabe a la perfeccion como fomentar la creacion y mantenimiento de localteams, en el caso especifico de ubuntu colombia ha mantenido los proyectos al dia, las listas de correo, el soporte, implementando politicas organizacionales que han dado excelentes frutos, a nivel internacional ha estado trabajando fomentando la participacion de los teams en eventos como el classroom, el dia del usuario ubuntu, la ubuntu open week, la ubuntu developer week, ha hecho test importantes con lernid haciendo mejores las sesiones una vez concluidos los eventos el documenta y difunde los logs de las sesiones. A nivel personal es un gran amigo siempre esta disponible para ayudar y asi lo ha hecho y lo hara siempre. (Im lazy to write in english sorry) IngForigua Ubuntu colombian council

Ubuntu I know Sergio for 3 years and has always been a person committed to the Ubuntu project in Latin America, even beyond the borders of Colombia. between the skills that Sergio has are able to call, analysis and conflict resolution, wide participation in the Ubuntu-co activities and full support in ubuntu-ve. - David Emerling Rondón: :-D

Ubuntu Sergio ha sido un gran elemento en la comunidad Ubuntu Colombia fortaleciendo la difusión, organización de los diferentes proyectos nacionales y algunos a nivel latinoamerica, ha demostrado las grandes fortalezas que tiene al momento de dirigir grupos de trabajo y lo ha hecho muy bien en nuestra comunidad Colombiana. HollmanEnciso

Ubuntu Sergio really more than a member of the Ubuntu community is a great friend who always slope to collaborate, participate and help everyone who needs it, is one of the person who says no when you can help and that even social networks, web, irc, forum and others.! Big Grin :) WuilmerBolivar

Ubuntu Sergio is a person who has been pending to encourage the integration of local teams of ubuntu at the level of the Latin American region. Sergio Congratulations for your great work. Nelo R. Tovar

Ubuntu Sergio is one of the most enthusiast Ubuntu members I've ever seen, always present in IRC, ubuntu planet and events he encouraged me to participate as speaker in Ubuntu OpenWeek in Spanish . - Fitoria

Ubuntu I strongly support the nomination of Sergio. He's one of the most passionate guys I've ever met; he eats, sleeps and breaths Ubuntu. Sergio's work in the Ubuntu-co Council is amazing and he has been a great leader in the wider Latin American community, promoting the integration of the regional LoCos and organizing great events, such as the Ubuntu Open week in Spanish. He will definitely be a great addition to the council, bringing new, fresh and exciting ideas. - Leandro Gómez, Ubuntu LoCo Council member

Ubuntu I know Sergio for long, and he is one of the most energetic Ubuntu Members I know, working really hard for the community. I don't want to repeat all the stuff people said before me, so I'll just say he has all it takes to be a LoCo Council Member. PabloRubianes

Ubuntu Conozco a Sergio desde hace más de 2 años y he sido testigo de la dedicación y compromiso que tiene con la comunidad de Ubuntu, apoyando en el concilio de Colombia y participando en los eventos más importantes del país. czam

Ubuntu Sergio is a young man working hard for its beliefs. He has plenty of road ahead on its path and it would be a nice touch on the Loco Council. Andres Mujica

Ubuntu Membership

Ubuntu Sergio is a wonderful person, his work is hard for the local team of ubuntu Colombia and Venezuela team, Sergio is known for its contributions in support, conferences, translations, etc. Sergio demonstrates a breadth of leadership in our council ubuntu Colombia. Sergio has my support to be a member of ubuntu IngForigua

Ubuntu He is one of the most active members of the Ubuntu-co council, He is the main reference in the area bordering Venezuela, has participated in several events such as Flisol, UGJ as an organizer, lecturer and installer, Also gives support to users in the IRC channel and mailing list. czam

Ubuntu He is a active members of ubuntu team Colombia, colaborating in promotionals events, translation and support to Community Colombian and Venezuelan too. Nathalie Colina

Ubuntu Sergio is a young men with everything ahead of him. He has vision, he wants to be there, he works hard for Ubuntu and the Team. He loves what he does and following the proper road he would be an amazing asset for Ubuntu as a member. AndresMujica

Ubuntu excellent support and very helpfull for the Ubuntu-co on mailing list, concilio and the IRC. juanmarquez

Ubuntu Sergio is a great Ubuntu Colombian member, has made great contributions to our team, great support for lists and IRC chat, and great contributions as a member of the Ubuntu-co council. HollmanEnciso

Ubuntu I testified!!! Wink ;) Same (Sergio) now is one of the members of the Council from Ubuntu Colombia. He is very committed spreading Ubuntu in his land (Santander). He is a great help for Ubuntu-Co and for Ubuntu, always looking for new ways to help us!! - JulianAlarcon

Ubuntu Sergio as a member of Ubuntu Combia promotes brotherhood among all the members belonging to the community or beyond. helps all members who wish to more actively link the different processes or projects that occur within the community. - JoseGutierrez Smile :)

Ubuntu Wiki Admin

Wiki Admins

Ubuntu As the above entries state, Sergio is a great person to have on a team. He has been with lubuntu wiki / docs and is the team leader for this team. He has endless enthusiasm and also the ability to 'do the job'. A very brief record of his major work is here. I ask that you look upon his appiciation favourably. phillw



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