My life with gnu/Linux

I have been using Gnu/Linux since 1995, from early Red Hat versions, jumping through Open Caldera Linux and Suse Linux, until I found Debian, which I have been using since 2.1 (Slink). I discovered Ubuntu very soon, at the 4.10 version, and began to play with it. Ubuntu has come to fulfill all what many of us have been awaiting for a long time: a Gnu/Linux OS that can be used for almost everybody without being a computer expert, providing most of the benefits and minimizing the disadvantages, allowing many non technical people to have their approach to Gnu/Linux. Ubuntu member from 03.11.2009.


I work as a systems manager in a mid-sized transport company. I have managed to introduce the FOSS in our working habits, mainly in our datacenter, as well as in our non-linux desktop computers and networking devices. Also, I'm beggining to introduce some Ubuntu desktop computers in some key positions.

FOSS activities

I am involved with the Catalan LoCo Team from the begginings of 2007, not long after it was created, where I try to help in whatever has to be done:

  • Translating documentation from and to Catalan and English language
  • Trying to give advice to newbies at the forums, which I co-administer, mail list or at the irc channel.

  • I use to help at the events the LoCo regularly celebrates as Release Parties, Global Jams, or whatever we are involved in, mostly, but not only, at the Install Party area.

  • I've also set up and co-administer the Loco web page and Planet. I'm part of the "Wiki Housekeeping Team", to keep our wiki as organized and neat as possible.

  • I'm also part of the local GLUG Caliu (CAtalan GNU/LInux Users).

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~papapep

e-mail: josep.sanchez [at] ubuntu [dot] cat

Jabber: papapep [at] gmail [dot] com

IRC: papapep [at freenode.net]

Blog: http://extralinux.net (in catalan)

What's next?

  • Improve the newbie and low profile user communication with the more experienced LoCo members, to provide them an easy way to get solutions for their problems, not letting them feel alone.

  • Spread the FOSS ideals to a wider amount of the population, specially to the kids, who are the best way to let us get into the game of showing there are other alternatives to "what is established".
  • Get in touch with schools, associations and whoever might be interested to use free and opensource software, to show them the great possibilites it offers.


  • Josep is one of the most active members of the Catalan LoCo team, in which he has been since the beginnings. He not only posesses extraordinary technical skills, but combines them with a strong sense of community, good nature and an always present sense of humour. It's been always a pleasure to work with him and I'm really glad to see he's taken the step to apply for Ubuntu membership, which I believe he truly deserves. -- dpm 2009-10-14 06:44:51

  • SiscoGarcia Josep is probably the most active member of the Catalan LoCo Team. When I first met him, I was very surprised by his technical skills, but after a wile I felt in love with his great sense of humour, of community and of honor. He's always there when you need a help. He's given us a good definition of the meaning of ubuntu, and reading it you can realize he is a true ubuntaire (catalan). All my support for his Ubuntu Membership Application.

  • Enthusiastic, helpful, funny, it's not uncommon for Josep to spend countless hours working for the Greater Good ™, be it kicking off the LoCo's website, investigating problems of new (and experienced) Ubuntu users, helping organize release parties, making it impossible to have a serious IRC meeting... His application is long overdue. -- RainCT 2009-10-16 17:36:51

  • Josep is a very helpful member of the Catalan LoCo team, doing a great job on our website and on the Catalan forums amongst other things. In every release party that we have done he has always been involved in the install section and he has "rescued" uncountable computers, netbooks and laptops from the dark side. My full support for his Ubuntu membership application. -- IvàBurgos 2023-01-29 01:49:15

  • I think our LoCo would be a lot poorer if Josep would not engage since the beginning, almost three years ago. He did most of the work on our website, including the boring stuff of pursuing the domain and server owners for permissions. On the Catalan forums, one of the most successful language Ubuntu forums, Josep is always alert to help every one who appears there, with an extraordinaire patience with beginners. He's a real hacker, he knows what he is doing and is capable of doing hard and non-stop work on every release party. rafael_carreras 2023-01-29 01:49:15

  • I cannot add much more to the previous testimonials. All of they've said is absolutely true and I subscribe it completely, but all them are guilty of excessive modesty: Josep is one of the souls of our LoCo team, and he not being with us, surely we couldn't have achieved all we've done these past years. He well deserves to be an Ubuntu member and I fully support his application. -- orestes 2009-10-27 23:23:56

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