Personal Info

I'm a student in Bayreuth, studying Environmental Informatics, working voluntarily as a free software and open formats advocate. Furthermore help students with their network problems in our students' dormitory.

I try to help charity actions from time to time.

You can contact me under

Ubuntu Activities

  • I've organized a Ubuntu presence at the booth of GNOME Deutschland e.V. at the Linux Tag 2005. It was a huge success. You can find some information about it at the LinuxTag2005WrapUp.

  • O'Reilly Germany asked me to write a book about Ubuntu. Concept approved by O'Reilly. Writing is in progress. Check back later for news!
  • Promotion and Collaboration with GNOME in Promotion. More information under JoshKress/PromotingUbuntu.

I will do more Ubuntu presences at other exhibitions and more active advocacy for Ubuntu. This will mainly be done by cooperating with GNOME Deutschland e.V. and can hopefully serve as an example for the marketing cooperation of GNOME and Ubuntu for other local communities.

Other Activities

  • Currently in the phase of planning, organizing and implementing the GNU Foundry together with Daniel Nümm. GNU Foundry shall be the single place for free fonts.
  • Playing around with some GNOME Code to enhance the font handling for the user.

Old Comments

From AndreaAbelli Sun Nov 14 13:35:32 +0000 2004 From: AndreaAbelli Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 13:35:32 +0000 Subject: Promotional Team... Message-ID: <20041114133532+0000@>

Well that is what i [for UbuntuLinux ITALIA] was waiting for... as soon as you know more, plz tell me any news.

ciao AndreaAbelli

From LauraOhrndorf Fri Jan 14 13:31:51 +0000 2005 From: Laura Ohrndorf Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 13:31:51 +0000 Subject: promotion-team Message-ID: <20050114133151+0000@>

I really think it's a good idea to form a promotion-team, because Ubuntu is what a lot of people were waiting for. Please tell me if there is any progress in this issue.


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