Personal Info

My name is Juan C. Sanchez. I'm working in Maxima OKE company and I'm software responsible of Maxima Linux division.

Maxima Linux

Maxima Linux, a division of the MAXIMA OKE,S.L. company, has been established with the aim of creating a new service & product line based on the GNU/Linux OS capable of providing small and middle-sized firms a free and open platform to optimally develop their businesses. The Maxima Linux business model will initially be developed in the Catalonia region in order to provide a more personalised and higher quality service.

From the beginning, our efforts have been directed to find the most open and free software existing in the whole Internet community. Ubuntu Linux and Debian GNU/Linux give us the chance of succeeding in our aim regarding workstations and servers, respectively. However, our job is not just restricted to the distribution of preinstalled systems but it also includes a consultancy & after-sales service. In other words, our objective is to offer our customers a highly personalised technical and professional support.

Our main target as a company is the migration of Maxima OKE environment to a GNU/Linux platform by using our own products and the company's joining all the free software and open source organisations and associations in order to be fully incorporated into the new free software market. Our major goal is to contribute to the progress and development of free software as much as possible.


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