About me

I'm a Spanish guy (from Gran Canaria) who lives and works in Seville. Currently I'm Guadalinex developer and I use to work doing developments, brandings, translations and fixing bugs for different distributions.

I've been using Ubuntu since 2004, the first version. And I'm join in Launchpad at 2005-10-16.

I was part of the team who has created the Ubuntu-express, the first version of the Ubuntu Live Installer (Ubiquity) and I used to mantain the project Metadistros.

I'm also GNOME member and part of its Spanish translation team.

Some misc data

  • Launchpad profile

  • Blog at Gnome

  • Maintainer of Guadalinex

  • Main programmer and maintainer of Metadistros

  • Programmer : Bash, Python, Ruby, C and more.
  • Developer of the Guadalinex v3, v4, v5 and v6, Guadalinfo, Guadalinex Bibliotecas, Linex SP, Gnome-live, Gnome2-live, SILU and much more distros.
  • Colaborator in many distros like GNU/LinEx and Guadalinex (early versions).

Contributions to Ubuntu

I've been working in Guadalinex, which is probably the largest Ubuntu derivative distribution, for more than 3 years and in that time I've made talks about Guadalinex and Ubuntu in many places (such Universities and Hispanic FLOSS congress) and I've also teach how to create and fix packages or repositories to students and coworkers.

Some times as a part of my work but some times in my own time I've created, upgrade or fixed packages and published in Launchpad in my ppa (or the one from Guadalinex, where I upload some of pacakges I mantain) or my branches (or, again, the ones from Guadalinex where I maintain our packages or make fixed versions of Ubuntu ones). Not always official Ubuntu packages and I'm still not a MOTU so I didn't upload to Ubuntu yet. Anyways, I've started to upload some packages to REVU in order to bring some Guadalinex developments to the Ubuntu Universe.

As I said in my presentation I was part of the team who designed and programmed the very early version of the current Ubuntu Live Installer (Ubiquity).

Now I use to doing sugestions for translations until I can get my membership for the Spanish translation team. And I use to send bugs detected in Guadalinex or Ubuntu to be fixed directly in Ubuntu or Upstream. When I can, I try to fix them and attach a bazaar branch or patch. I prefer to give not just the bug, but also some kind of solution or, at least enough information so the developers can find the problem.

Bugs and patches

There are some of the bugs I've helped to fix with patches:

  • #24095: debug=y mess with /etc/init.d/rc

  • #24096: mkinitramfs '-d' option fails

  • #24098: mkinitramfs: /etc/mkinitramfs as default

  • #24266: init: static ${rootmnt} at the end

  • #331061: .desktop item not translatable (usb-creator)

  • #367869: [jaunty] The binary package is not using python2.6

  • #337723: The SSL certificate is the same in any Live box

  • #347790: Splash image not shown when using device UUID as root

I'm also did in oders but I'm waiting in those for someone that upload or sponsor the fix, like:

  • #364009: ubiquity support to override default frontend via kernel option

  • #310804: Missing strings for translation (usb-creator)

  • #364577: combo options are displayed not translated (nautilus)

  • #344800: NM connection editor has VPN option deactivated by default

Lately I'm been working on a couple of related i18n bugs and trying to fix them also in upstream (GNOME):

  • #359247: Almost all the Actions in the "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog shows untranslated (gnome-control-center)

  • #382274: Gconf keys doesn't show translated (Gconf)


  • Live systems (casper and so)

  • Instalation systems (Ubiquity mostly)

  • Hardware detection and databases
  • Branding and derivative distros

  • Ubuntu and spanish distros
  • Translations and i18n support on Ubuntu and GNOME

Plans for Ubuntu

  • Get Guadalinex the most close I can to Ubuntu development and its community
  • Bring to Ubuntu all the stuff we have created (and the things we will create) to the Ubuntu community
  • Try to get closer and easier the Ubuntu development to Spanish speakers
  • Improve the i18n support in Ubuntu

  • Help with the translations and the upstream sync (at least with GNOME)


  • Launchpad : Juanje

  • Jabber : kakutsiATjabberDOTorg

  • Jabber : juanje.ojedaATgmailDOTcom

  • email : juanje.ojedaATgmailDOTcom

  • email : jojedaATgnomeDOTorg

  • irc : juanje

  • identi.ca : juanjeojeda

  • twitter : juanjeojeda

  • delicious : juanje


  • Juanje is a great guy and has put a lot of work into Guadalinex. I reviewed a couple of his patches and I'm happy that he's working towards MOTU membership. -- dholbach 2009-06-02 12:37:40


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