Juan Carlos Torres (Jucato)



  • I'm 23 years old from Laguna, Philippines; a graduate of AB Philosophy.
  • Currently still unemployed (for various reasons).
  • I've been using Linux and Kubuntu on a desktop for over a year now (January 7 marks my Linux birthday).
  • I've always wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much, so I do every little way that I can to help.
  • I'm mainly interested in, and currently self-studying programming, web design/development, and a bit of (computer) graphic design. And I like cats.

What I've done (so far)

  • For the past months I've been mainly doing user support, both for Kubuntu and KDE in general. I help in the forums, both Ubuntuforums and KFN., and in IRC. The bulk of my contribution to the Ubuntu community so far has come from user support.

  • I have also done some amount of bug reporting and triaging (for both Kubuntu and KDE).
  • I've also written the CustomizeKubuntu guide, which is based on a similar guide that I wrote for KDE, which is now included in the KDE User Guide.

  • I have also recently become an Operator in #kubuntu
  • I have written two patches for Konqueror and submitted those upstream (still waiting...)

Future Goals

  • I plan to get more involved with the technical aspects of Kubuntu development, like packaging. And as my programming knowledge gets better, maybe even more technical stuff
  • I plan to continue helping with increasing the quality (and quanity?) of user support, specially in Kubuntu. I'm specifically focusing on KFN and #kubuntu.
  • I plan on coordinating with the Forum Council and with KFN's owner, to see what we could do about KFN's current status and any future plans for it.
  • I also plan on getting a little bit involved with documentation, but those plans are still on hold.


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