Jukebox Centralization is good, right now there are many programs to do similar tasks, for example, there's a ripper, a cd player, a music jukebox, there should be a centralized jukebox with support for playing cd's & ripping, maybe next version of rhythmbox? Do we need eog & gthumb? gthumb is better, and maybe f-spot gets better by the timeframe of dapper.


About Rhythmbox:

The next version of Rhythmbox will be able to play CD's, so gnome-cd could be scrapped. Rhythmbox can also burn music CD's so serpentine could be scrapped.

Note/wish: please don't scrap gnome-cd as long as Rhythmbox doesn't start up as fast as gnome-cd... Also, the full Rhythmbox window has lots of stuff in it - a gnome-cd replacement that starts when an audio cd is inserted should have a smaller window, with less controls.

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