About Julian Andres Klode

Participation in Projects & Organizations

Stuff I'm working on

  • Package management:
    • APT and APT's Python bindings (python-apt)
    • APT2
    • D-Bus: aptdaemon and sessioninstaller (maintaining the packages, development is done by SebastianHeinlein)

    • Graphical: Software Center and Update Notifier (maintaining the packages, development is done by MichaelVogt)

    • Debian's app-install-data
  • Developer tools:
    • dh-autoreconf
  • Other stuff:
    • backports.org: hplip and me-tv.
    • GNOME: Co-maintaining gnome-main-menu
  • and more

'Thank you' section (who and why)

  • Daniel Baumann (daniel@debian.org) sponsored my first uploads to Debian

  • Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel@debian.org) was my first Application Manager in the Debian New Maintainer Process

  • Bernd Zeimetz (bzed@debian.org) was my second Application Manager in the Debian New Maintainer Process

  • Michael Vogt (mvo@ubuntu.com) is the reason for my Ubuntu membership and most packages I maintain

  • Vincent Untz (vuntz@gnome.org) merged my (gnome-main-menu) patches in GNOME and was the reason for my GNOME account

My computers

  • Currently used:
    • Toshiba AC100 (ARM Cortex A9 [Nvidia Tegra 2]; Netbook; since Summer 2011)
    • Nokia N900 (ARM Cortex A8; Phone, since January 2010)
    • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 15" (Core i5; Laptop, since July 2010)

  • Not in use by me currently:
    • The computer bought at a discounter (Athlon 2200; Midi-Tower)
    • The self-assembled computer (Pentium D805; Midi-Tower)
    • HP Compaq 6270s (Core 2 Duo; Laptop, since 2007)

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