Julián (xphree) Duque



Hello, my name is Julián David Duque, I'm a Telecommunications Engineer and Software Developer (Mobile & Web). I'm from Medellín, Colombia and I use Linux since 1998 (Linux registered user #257314).

Contact Information

  • Email: xphree at gmail dot com

  • IRC: irc.freenode.net with the nick xphree or xpider

  • Phone: if you need to contact me by phone please send me an email and i will provide my number

  • Website: xphree @ home - http://xphree.net


  • Founder and inactive member of GiGAX - http://gigax.org

  • Ubuntu Colombian Team - I want to help the community and spread the word!


  • Ubuntu
  • Java (including Java ME & Java EE)

  • Android
  • GNOME (user & fanatic of the GNOME Desktop)

  • Caffeine Smile :)

  • And a lot of things...


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