About Me

My Name is Jullian Gafar. I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia, and working as a system analyst and freelancing as a Web Developer, mostly with LAMP. Works full time in Midas Solusi, an Indonesian IT firm and heading the developer team focusing in web development with PHP, Java, and others.

My Setup

  1. Home gateway powered by Ubuntu 8.04, Pentium III/450, 384MB RAM, 80GB HD. Currently headless and accessed only by ssh.
  2. IBM Thinkpad Notebook with Ubuntu 8.04, Gnome desktop provided by my office. Centrino Duo, 2GB RAM. I also have a VirtualBox machine with WinXP on it if I need it.

  3. Office server powered by Ubuntu 8.04, Gnome and IceWM Desktop, Core Duo, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD.
  4. Notebook powered dual boot by Ubuntu 7.10 and WinXP. NEC Versa E400, Pentium4M 1.8, 256MB RAM, 80GB HD.

Windows is for games and Final Draft. Interestingly, PCMCIA wireless card (Linksys WPC54G) only works in Linux, because Windows driver is screwed. This laptop is pretty worn, the eth0 is dead because of lightning and replaced with BAFO USB ethernet and Linksys WiFI, CD/DVD drive dead, and battery dead. Other than that, it's cool Smile :-)


HTTP: http://jullian.makanyuk.com

Email: <jullian AT SPAMFREE makanyuk DOT com>


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