Who am I?

A Finnish human-like creature who has a twisted sense of humour and an endless stock of stories. Loves music and art, many kinds of science and even does a lots of philosophical thinking (usually ending up messing own thoughts). But only after a large cup of coffee. Or three.

  • Lives in Eastern Finland

So how do I spend my time?

  • User helping in IRC, since 2005 on various Ubuntu and KDE channels
  • IRC channel administration (although I'm old and slow)
  • Random debugging, whining, testing and developing all over KDE and (K)Ubuntu
  • Marketing! </3

  • Building our LoCo FinnishTeam to be the best of them all!

  • Whatever people ask me to do and I'm able to (:

The Future?

  • Doing my best to let people know of the joy of Ubuntu and FLOSS in general
  • Giving high importance in schools and education in overall, I really hope we can provide good solid apps to young people (and anyone with special needs)
  • Keep on bashing usability, from my POV and experience
  • Should learn to use Launchpad and Forums (and moinmoin) \:
  • You tell me (;


"Jussi is an extremely good helper in #kubuntu - humorous, non-judgemental, and diplomatic. The sort of person who fits the Freenode definition of "catalyst". Also a just and fair operator in the channels they are responsible for. And of course, someone who helps support my coffee habit!" mystic-scientist

Jussi is always helpful and light-hearted. Mystic-Scientist, hear hear! ValorieZimmerman