My name is Justin Breithaupt. I manage a non-profit educational operation/computer lab in Pomeroy, Washington, specializing in computer science and robotics.

I've used Linux for quite some time now and found it to be my primary interest. As far as Distro's Go here is my top list.

1. PCLinuxOS for beginners and advanced users 2. Ubuntu for hardware compatibility 3. Knoppix for working on Windows systems 4. SystemRescueCD for everything else such as file recovery, deleting, erasing Windows passwords, and other cool stuff. 5. All other distros besides SUSE, Xandros, and Linspire (who sold out to Microsoft)

  • World Wide Lab; volunteer aid would be greatly appreciated.

I offer extensive Windows support for those who need it. I have repaired Windows computers my whole life. Go to my website and click on ask a question for help.

For details and inquiries, please e-mail me at worldwidelab@mindblowingidea.com or view my webpage at http://www.mindblowingidea.com


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