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I've been using Linux since 2002, and Ubuntu in particular since Warty Warthog. My focus within Ubuntu is on tablet software and games. I am involved with the Kansas City LUG and the Kansas State University LUG, where I help other Linux users (Ubuntu mostly) and demo software entering Ubuntu, and of course, hand out Ubuntu CDs to those interested.

Contributions to Ubuntu

I'm the author of LaptopTestingTeam/ToshibaTecraM7. Updates currently on hiatus until I'm convinced more effort translates into a better Ubuntu.

I've ported the ThinkFinger package from Debian experimental to feisty in my PPA (and later gutsy); Thinkfinger is now in main. I've also sync'd several simple openGL games into my PPA from Debian.

I'm currently a member of the toshiba-tablet team https://launchpad.net/~toshiba-tablet, where we work on the rough edges Ubuntu has left on tablet support. If you have a Toshiba Tablet and want to help make the Ubuntu out of box experience better, please join that team!

I do a decent amount of work testing Ubuntu development versions and experimental software. I am a bug contact for cwiid, desmume, thinkfinger, wacom-tools and xournal, and I try to make sure these packages have diligent responses to bug reports.

My philosophy in bugs is bringing people together. Torvalds says, "Somebody finds the problem, and somebody else understands it. And I'll go on record as saying that finding it is the bigger challenge." Launchpad is designed to bring people with problems in contact with people who can fix them efficiently. Bugs need this kind of critical mass and those who find themselves in the habit of turning people away are hurting Ubuntu.

My preference is to work a few bugs deeply rather than a shovel around 5 bugs a day or patch and forget. As an example, I'm currently working with the SDHCI kernel developer to fix a timing bug in some card reader devices. This bug is fixed in Ubuntu, but no kernel team member is in contact with upstream about it, so I've taken upon myself to make sure it happens. Another example of digging deep to solve things is bug #180884. During the hardy development cycle I discovered an X11 crash bug, ran a GDB trace on the crash, narrowed it down to a null pointer dereference in a specific function, and reported it to Ubuntu and upstream. Upstream then took that knowledge and created a quick patch to fix the bug.


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