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Hello, my name is Justin M. Wray. I have been using Ubuntu since 5.04 (Hoary -- still run a few copies of this here and there). And have been using Linux almost exclusively (for personal use) since Redhat 9. I attempt to contribute to Open Source projects whenever possible. I would love to help contribute to the Ubuntu Projects, as well as upstream (Debian etc).

From a technical standpoint, my background is in Information Security/Networking. I own my own security consulting firm (Out of the Baltimore-Washington, Maryland area). Ninety percent of the servers built for my company (and clients) are running Linux (Sorry -- mostly gentoo -- However you will be happy to note I have switched many companies to Linux on the desktop). In addition I have Help Desk/Field Service experiences as well as my share of programming.

Within my current career situation, I am daily put in the position of 'Project Manager', and have plenty experience leading Open Source projects. I tend to take Leadership positions while still respecting authority and hierarchy.

Overall I am a fast learner, normally you only need to tell me once, and after I do it on my own, I am good to go. Most of my knowledge is 'self taught' or developed through reading, and or tinkering on my own. However, I am enrolled in college seeking a degree in Information Security, Red Hat Linux Enterprise Management, and Cisco Networking (yes that is three different degrees). I am only 19 years of age.

I look forward to working with the Ubuntu community.


  • Security
  • Management of Universe (MOTU/Packaging)
  • Bug Management
  • Client/Server Infrastructure
  • Server Performance & Management Improvement

  • Desktop Performance Improvement
  • Laptop Performance Improvement
  • Collaboration with Upstream and other Open Source projects
  • Promoting the use of FOSS


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