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Neolithium - irc.ubuntu.com

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neolinux82 (Gmail.com)


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About Me

  • Age : 25

  • Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • Occupation: Jack of all trades, master of none

  • Distro: Ubuntu 8.04

  • Linux User Since: September 10, 2006

  • Ubuntu User Since: September 11, 2006

Community Contributions

I currently hold a membership with several different teams between Launchpad and Ubuntu Forums, maintaining a good level of activity with each individual endeavor and strive to increase it over the next while so that I can continue to diversify the areas which I try to contribute to. In the future I plan to take part with more teams once I become more settled and familiar with specific tasks that each team will require of me. Generally there is a great deal of time that I spend with answering questions of the newer members to the Ubuntu Community, however I have begun to branch out more to assist with bug triaging and plan on expanding into patching/fixing whenever possible.

Current Projects

Forum Memberships

  • Beginner Team

    • Forums Focus Group
    • IRC Focus Group
    • Wiki Focus Group

Launchpad Memberships

General Information

Though I'm relatively new to Linux in general, I have been an avid Ubuntu user since my first installation on my laptop, in mid-2006, instantly enjoying the forums and using them along with first hand experience to continue to teach myself a variety of things among the various flavors that Ubuntu comes in. Not long after joining the forums, I found myself feeling that I had a desire to help contribute in some way, so I began to post answers to questions throughout the Sub-forums which revolved around newer users, shortly thereafter I ended up joining the Beginner Team and no longer just enjoy helping others, but have also begun to try to take part in more tasks to help out my fellow team members as well as newer users.

I currently help out with answering questions on Launchpad as well, though I have just started, my current aim is to keep up both venues of possible answers, my primary attention being paid to the newer users which are considering or have just installed Ubuntu on their systems. I have increasingly have become more active in both areas, and enjoy quite a bit, the ability to assist users of many different backgrounds. A recent member to the Bug Squad, I'm looking forward to that a great deal, and have already been able to learn quite a bit- it's already and experience that I love.


Generally, I am looking forward to helping among my fellow team mates to compile the documentation for common tasks and questions/answers on the Wiki, and helping our leaders to increase the number of members of the teams so that we can provide quick and concise answers to users which have a need for assistance. I also look forward to soon becoming a student of software engineering that will keep me involved in Linux and will hopefully be able to contribute even more to the community which has given me so much in the last year. In regards to the Ubuntu Forums, I'm also hoping to work my way towards becoming a Moderator so that I can help with many other ways and assist maintaining the clean and well designed feel of the pages; while ensuring that policies are adhered to by all users that take part in discussions.

  • Become an Ubuntu Member
  • Learn to fix bugs
  • Packaging
  • Increase my knowledge of linux in general, emphasis on Kernel Development
  • Continue Ubuntu Advocacy
  • University Degree (B.A - Computer Science)


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