Help make packages for KDE 3.5 beta1

  • Make a breezy chroot see DebootstrapChroot

  • Install KDE 3.5 beta1 kdelibs and kdebase (ask Riddell for URL)
  • Grab a source package for your favourite module (ask Riddell for URL)
  • unbzip it, remove debian directory, tar zcf into a .orig file ( fex. kdefoo_x.x.orig.tar.gz )
  • grab current sources: mkdir current && cd current && apt-get source kdefoo && cd ..

  • copy the debian directory into the new sources
  • dch -i to update the changelog, make sure version number is correct ( use fex. 3.4.91, not 3.5beta1 or something similar )
  • test that all the patches apply, patch -p1 < debian/patches/foo, fix those that don't

  • Remove unsermake build-dep from debian/control and line from debian/rules
  • Make sure the deps in debian/control point to the correct version of kdelibs4-dev
  • debuild
  • wait
  • Make sure it's compiled and fix the debian/*install files, dh_install --list-missing will tell you what's in the *install files but no longer exists then will tell you what files exist but arn't in the *install files missing
  • debuild -nc to repackage without cleaning
  • install the resulting .debs and test
  • build for hoary (need a hoary chroot, set version number to -0ubuntu0hoary1)

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