Im just someone who is very passionate about computing and the technology associated with it. I have learned a great deal about our world through computers, and have met alot of interesting people through its use in the last 11 or so years. The internet is a very incredible tool, which has given me great opportunities to allow me to get very far in my own life.

I believe that now is the time to give back and contribute towards the advancement of the world wide web. To allow everyone, in every place of the world, regardless of anything and everything, to be apart of this amazing human creation.

For me the spirit of ubuntu symbolises this in every way.

Its through my everyday uses of debian, that i recognise, what a powerful idea ubuntu is. It has unlimited potential, for each of us to utilise in our own unique way. Smile :)

- kalpesh@ubuntu.org.zw -"https://launchpad.net/~zimbabwe-team" -"https://launchpad.net/~kthaker"

Ubuntu Achievements

Officially joined the Zimbabwe LoCo Team & signed the Code of Conduct

April 2008

Helped organise the very first Ubuntu meeting in Zimbabwe

May 2008

Registered the ubuntu.org.zw domain and setup Web & DNS zone services for it

June 2008

Organised server hardware specifics & co-setup the Debian based Zimbabwe Ubuntu/OSS repository server

July 2008

Volunteered to be the primary contact/maintainer/updater for the Ubuntu repository server

August 2008

Arranged & setup webmail & mailing list services with Google Apps for our loco team

September 2008

Part of the primary organising team for our very first Ubuntu release party in Zimbabwe

November 2008

Setup the primary Drupal based PHP website and added a photo album for team events

November 2008

Assumed role of Team Leader and Team Contact of Zimbabwe Ubuntu LoCo Team

September 2012

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