Hi, I'm Kamal Mostafa <kamal@whence.com> from Boulder Creek, California, USA.

I work for Canonical as an engineer on the KernelTeamUbuntu Kernel Team. I have been a software engineer for 20 years, having worked at SCO, Handspring/Palm and Synopsys before joining Canonical.

I am a ham radio operator (KA6MAL) and electronics/DSP hobbyist. I am an active member of the https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-hamsubuntu-hams group.

IRC: kamal
Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~kamalmostafa

I have run Linux and UNIX systems at home and at work for decades* and have been an Ubuntu user and hacker since Feisty.
* SCO Xenix '286 came on about twenty 5.25" floppies, back in those days!

Ubuntu contributions

Endorsements of my work

  • Steve Conklin's endorsement of my application to the ubuntu-bugcontrol team

    • I have worked with Kamal recently on several bugs and packaging changes, and found him to be very productive and easy to work with. I recommend him for acceptance by the bugcontrol team.

      Steve Conklin

  • Emmet Hikory's endorsement of my application to the ubuntu-bugcontrol team

    • I'm familiar with Kamal's work in the development arena, and am very glad to see the same attention to detail and rich investigation brought to bug triage.

      [Kamal's] handling of many of these bugs demonstrates a care often missed: rather than looking for a quick fix, the state of the packages have been investigated upstream and in Debian, and when bugs are discovered to be fixed, detailed information about when and how they were fixed has been indicated.

      I unreservedly endorse [Kamal's application to ubuntu-bugcontrol].

      Emmet HIKORY

  • Scott Howard's endorsement of my application to the ubuntu-bugcontrol team

    • I've been seeing Kamal's work first hand lately, he's been a great help! +1 from me.

      Scott Howard


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