I am Karim Fayez from Egypt, I am 25 years old and still getting older, I live in Cairo city:: the city that never sleeps. I am a petroleum wireline logging engineer and computer administration is my main hobby but I really prefere it more than work...anyways.. I have started working with linux in the september of 2004 -after hearing about it for four years and didnt have a chance to try- by trying many distros like Redhat, Whitebox, mandrake, Suse, Fedora, and others then I got introduced to ubuntu by the release 5.04 through Distrowatch as i was caught by the brilliant idea of shipping free CDs and from that time I have been using it and proud to be an unbuntu loyal user...

Through the last year I worked on convincing people to switch to Ubuntu and I succeeded in switching around 100 persons totally in addition to my company which now uses several GNU/Linux distros including my favorite Ubuntu.

Through that time I kept thinking of building a LoCo team of ubuntu in Egypt as to enhance the availability and the knowledge about linux and the open source foundation. I consulted couple of my friends and here we go starting the team which i believe will rock... Ubuntu-EG.. and just before it was announced officially we managed to give two GNU/Linux introduction trainings one of them was held inside the university and the other was for a group of people who wanted to learn about it and i believe some of them are eager to switch soon, after that I conducted a sponsored session in the faculty of engineering in ain shams university with over 75 attendees and we distributed lots of Ubuntu CDs and I think lots of them had already switched..

LOCO page: Egypt Team

Launchpad: Karim Fayez

Ubuntu forums: KimFiz

Email: karim.fayez@gmail.com

IRC(freenode): karimfayez

Linux user: #397067



Personal Goals For 2008

  • Ubuntu Become an Ubuntu Member.

    Ubuntu Upgrading my position in my company

    Ubuntu Exploring my own business.

    Ubuntu Travel to Canada this year.

    Ubuntu Change my car.

Goals For Egypt LoCo Team For 2007

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in technical ability and size.

    Ubuntu Become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Being mentioned in the media as Ubuntu and as a LOCO team.

    Ubuntu Be able to switch 100 persons at least by the end of this year to Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Organize an installation fest.

    Ubuntu Start Linux trainings. (./)

The Future

I just wish i can make a difference in the way people think and to know that there is always a better way.

I enjoy working with all the wonderful people in this community to help Ubuntu grow and be strong, and I hope to remain a part of it.

Wish us good luck, Thanks,



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