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  • Arora Browser? Why switch to an unknown browser, that has limited integration with KDE, that casual users won't look for and one that will upset the a lot of KDE developers? If a switch is to be made, switch to Firefox. Casual users look for it, and it is compatible with practically everything. -- kachristmas 2009-07-24 01:29:22

  • Not sure if my comment was deleted or I missed to save it. I just wanted to suggest qtcurve for qt3, configured to look as gtk version, as the default style in kde3 apps, for even better integration. Thanks. @Daniel Velasco@
  • Really liked the browser change, but was hoping it would be firefox though. Nice default theme and overal visual changes. Think que notification and action icon should autohide, it just goes grey when there's no notification. My network manager is quite strange, but I'll fill a bug about that. @Paulo Bartos@
  • Action icon behavior is changed due to huge amounts of user feedback (just Google it, there are lot of discussion about it, mainly that the one in KDE 4.2 sucked). I think this is better! I'm curious about the "Multiple displays" item in System Settings -> Display. It just states that it hasn't been installed. This would be huge improvement over manually creating XRANDR spells on the Konsole. If that entry in the System Setting is what I think it is... Could somebody clarify this? Any ways, nice looking and overall working -- toni-helenius

  • The browser change was nice, but I think you should switch to Firefox and get it to obey KDE mimetypes. Kubuntu NEEDS a custom theme to make it stand out... up to Hardy, this was reality, so what's holding this? The Network Manager MUST be fixed by the final release... this is a huge issue in Jaunty (Wicd is good, but still sucks). If you can't fix it, get the GNOME Network Manager working on the system... it's pretty easy and connects to almost anything... unlike Wicd. Also, maybe you should not be advancing to KDE 4.3 so quickly and focus on fixing what's broken already instead of jumping to 4.3 and potentially breaking more stuff. Of course, if 4.3 means a more stable and less broken system, then use 4.3. Stability with a custom theme is the most important thing right now... at least a custom login screen is important to make Kubuntu stand out from the other KDE distros. -- @ugriffin@
  • Arora is a wonderful step in the right direction, and I've been following it's fast development and reasoning behind the switch. It will grow very quickly to be as good as firefox. Firefox is not remotely plausible, but you know this. Not enough room for all the libraries on the disc. NetworkManager needs to be smaller and simpler (the widget takes up half the screen and it should only be a list). The return of Kaffeine was very welcomed. KDE4 K3B is sweet. The Alpha had a copy of openoffice with no icons or theming. I understand a theme is coming, was this a bug? There needs to be a Kubuntu specific wallpaper. I can't wait for the next few milestones (and my papercut for having a kubuntu kmenu icon). AWESOME preview of things to come.

  • Have you tried to compile Firefox with QT support and see what is the current status of it now? I know that about a year ago Nokia developer worked on QT port. But I am not sure what is it's current status.

2009-07-26 23:00:07

* I propose also to include a new version of KOSD ( It has better look, than OSD version avaiable in Jaunty. Just one thing that doesn't fit for me in this app: icon which corresponds with brightness changing (in ubuntu is nice icon - some sort of bulb or sun).

* Me again. My netbook is not near and haven't had the time to bring it back home, but i'm testing in virtualbox. I like how it's looking. I found openoffice is being integrated with kde4, i hope to see it in this version. I mentioned some days ago about qt3 apps using qtcurve. I compiled the latest version in karmic and it looks good. I think the netbook edition should use the kwin option of maximized windows instead of inteligent position (excluding plasma and some programs notifications). I dind't liked the font size of the konsole, too small... as I said I'm testing in virtualbox, not the netbook, I hope it looks better there. Arora 0.8 (upgraded from kpackagekit) now works. I don't like the way dolphin icon, quick view plasmoid, arora and kopete icons look in the panel. I wish almost all the icons in apps->system gets in system settings: kuser, kpackagekit,kwallemanager, and krandrtray. Low HD space notification would be better if it had an access to cleaning the apt cache and if this action could be accesible from kpackagekit, also an access to cleaning browsers cache. kpackagekit still blocks some upgrades, at least it should tell why blocking. @Daniel Velasco@

  • The overall experience with the Kubuntu Netbook Image is most satisfactory. I have a few complains regarding hardware drivers needing drivers and not being detected by jockey (broadcom wireless card). The bug report dates to the intrepid release cycle LP:291271. linux-restricted-mod seems uninstalled and my wifi does not seem to work. the interface looks clean and wanting to be used. -- effie-jayx 2009-08-05 01:51:53

* And again... finally i'm testing the netbook image in an Aspire One. I had more trouble than in virtualbox. Network Management Applet and Knetworkmanager for KDE3 and KDE4 is broken. I installed WICD and I can connect by wireless. Didn't tested with gnome applet manager. Fonts are almost ok and very readable, but qt3 fonts and gtk fonts (while using gtk2 QtCurve style) are too big. I adjusted qt3 fonts with qt3-qtconfig to match kde4 system settings. I compiled qtcurve for kde3 and tested it, working right ( Had to select the style in qt3-qtconfig. I wanted to sync with google calendar, but couldn't as option is not there. This koala is looking great @Daniel Velasco@

* Last Kubuntu I tried was Hardy and I found it unusable. Karmic has been a pleasure to use - amazingly stable for an alpha(3)! In fact, just about everything worked well, but unfortuately my printer will only print blank pages, whereas it worked fine in all previous kubuntus. (I submitted a bug here ). With no printer, I can't use karmic.

A few other issues... kmenuedit's app keyboard shortcuts would not work... again. I found a workaround which I posted to this bug (which is several months old) I do not feel that the maintainers of kmenuedit have been doing a good job - I have had this problem in one form or another since KDE4.0. I think a different person needs to be put in charge of that program, especially as it is central to the user's experience of KDE/Kubuntu. The new interface is poorly designed (horrible to use), so I used the classic view - at least that was there.

Dolphin has come a long way - actually usable now, but I still used Krusader.

OpenOffice would display no icons on the toolbar (which made it look horrible) until I installed openoffice-style-crystal.

Kaffeine still won't play some DVDs - won't make it to the menu. I didn't bother to report a bug because it's clear that DVD support in Kubuntu is not being handled properly, after years of continuous dysfunctionality. Mplayer also would not play a DVD until I added a link for subfont.ttf. Then it reported "MV" errors continuously. IOW, business as usual.

I hate the countdown timer when shutting down/restarting. What is this, Windows anyway? Just do it! Or at least tell me how to turn it off.

All in all, I'm impressed by karmic (and I had nearly given up on KDE when I saw the KDE4 implementation in hardy). Just wish I could use it. @IgnorantGuru@

* Installing the server image takes a lot more time and effort. The installer asks a lot of questions. And it does not ask them at the beginning but every couple of minutes, so that you cannot do anything else while installing. -- nhnb 2009-08-14 11:29:44


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