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... Well its been a cpl of pure dapper weeks now, and i must stay i am still excited, i have just installed QCad and have happlliy been playing with it. Still have'nt got the ATI running 3d yet, but, i kinda don't car much at the moment!

At this point i would like to say Dapper WOW Drake WOW by WOW Ubuntu WOW Dapper is awsome, much better for the noob then Brezzy

Well i have 6.06 up and running on the G3 and the AMD64 3200. Next is to get hold of a laptop for uni...(anyone got a G3 12" Ibook they don't want!)

Things todo include

  • Finllaly figure out if my ATI Sapphire will run and if it is my AMD64 causind the issues Done (kinda)
  • Get my Lexmark to stop print dribble (done used generic printer) DONE!!!!
  • Get Java to work properly so i can use net banking(done better repos plugins) DONE!!!!


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