Michael Kaulbach. Currently in Toronto, Canada. Introduced to Ubuntu with Hoary Hedgehog at a trade show. Predominantly a Kubuntu user, however I also use classic Ubuntu as well as Xubuntu.

Member of Ubuntu Canada

My Launchpad Page

Active volunteer and board member of Toronto FreeNet.


Assisting users and moderating as necessary in #ubuntu,#ubuntu-offtopic ,#kubuntu, and #kubuntu-offtopic

Floodbot monitoring on occasion, have also provided bot operators with alternate location to run #kubuntu floodbot from. Occasional ubottu factoid adding/editing/updating ( possible notable addition of !pastebinit )

It is often my habit to use coffee in IRC actions to foster a sense of community.. handing a mug of coffee to someone, preparing a new pot, having a sip of coffee myself, and so on. Requested the ubottu !coffee factoid.

Other Activities

Beta testing and bug reporting

Held Toronto release-parties for Lucid Lynx and Natty Narwhal ... A release-party for Oneiric Ocelot is also planned.

Worked on adapting a Conexant Winmodem driver to function under 32bit editions of Xubuntu ( thread link here ), to help provide basic free internet connectivity to residents of Toronto, Canada in my work with Toronto FreeNet. This is ongoing.

Familiarized children and adults with Ubuntu by dual-booting the computers in a community computer lab at ArtHeart Community Art Centre, also distributed official Ubuntu CDs from the ShipIt program to these users.


To continue holding release-parties in Toronto and build awareness.

Continued work on distributing recycled Xubuntu powered computers to Toronto residents.

Ongoing assistance to users on IRC and elsewhere.

And of course, to provide bottomless mugs of coffee ...


"I am delighted to log into #ubuntu-ca every morning to join genii-around already sipping his coffee. Michael is our front-line event organizer for Ubuntu Toronto and does an excellent job coordinating with the rest of Ubuntu Canada. I look forward to many more events in the future." -- dscassel 2011-05-06 21:47:02

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