Name: Kenny Duffus


IRC: seaLne


I work as a Systems Administrator in Glasgow, Scotland.

I have been using GNU/Linux since 1996 starting off with slackware and using redhat, mandrake and debian before kubuntu


  • I participate regularly on IRC in #kubuntu-devel and am also active at times on #ubuntu-bugs and #kubuntu
  • Bug reporting and triage
  • I debianised dcfldd and created a few other packages as well as submitting patches that were applied

  • Testing of CD and DVD dailys and candidates
  • I am a member of Kubuntu Team and Ubuntu BugSquad

  • Editing of some wiki pages
  • I started and continue to work on Behind Ubuntu interviews

Where to in the future?

I hope to:

  • improve my packaging skills so I can contribute more in that area
  • spend more time working on kubuntu


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