Ubuntu Kenya Loco Team Goals for 2008

This is a rough overview of things the Ubuntu Kenya Loco Team hopes to achieve in 2008. Please feel free to discuss them on the mailing list or on #ubuntu-ke on irc.freenode.net.

January - March

  • Membership - 50
  • Swahili translation strings - 10,000.

April - June

  • Membership - 100
  • Swahili translation strings - 25000
  • A Bigger, Better Release Party for Hardy Heron. The last release party was mildly successful, we can do better.
  • Get ubuntu-ke to be an approved team

July - September

  • Membership -150
  • Swahili translation strings - 60000

October - December

  • Membership - 200
  • Release Party
  • Swahili translation strings - 150000


Think that there is something that we should do not listed here? Add it below. We'll discuss the timeline on the list and irc channel.

  • Ubuntu Kenya Repository - this will become more and more viable as more people use ubuntu in Kenya and will be a lot faster and will also save on international bandwidth costs
  • Publicity - Get an article in local papers or magazines about Ubuntu

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