Get the automated chroot build scripts

A common set of tools used by the kernel team are maintained in a git repository.

  • buildscripts: Scripts used to farm out the kernel builds to very fast remote
  • chroot-setup: Scripts to setup jailed kernel compilation enviroments.
  • daily-test-isos: Scripts and support files to produce daily, custom test isos.
  • git-hooks: Optional hooks to help you commit patches
  • maintscripts: Scripts used for general / stable kernel maintenance
  • mainline-build: Scripts to produce .debs for mainline kernels
  • misc: Everything else...

Download them using the following command.

git clone git:// kteam-tools

Create the chroot environment

To automatically create the chroot environment use:

chroot-setup/make_chroot <suite> <arch> [<mirror>]

For example:

sudo mkdir -p /usr3/chroots # prep environment
sudo chroot-setup/make_chroot precise amd64


  • arch stands for different arch supported by the CPU, for example i386 on AMD64 or LPIA on i386 etc.
  • suite stands for release name such as hardy, gutsy, intrepid etc.
  • mirror stands for the http location to download environment from, http://host[:port]/dir/

Note: You don't need to specify a mirror when using the LPIA arch

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