You may want to git-push your changes to a remote git tree so that your could make your changes publicly available, and/or you could provide a maintainer with a pull request.

Add a remote git repo

git remote add <name of repo> <link to the tree>


git remote add lucid ssh://zinc.canonical.com/srv/kernel.ubuntu.com/git/manjo/ubuntu-lucid.git

push your changes to remote git repo

git push <name of repo> <local branch>


git push lucid lp554433

Modifying a branch after a push

At times corrections need to be made after the changes are pushed to the repo. Here are the steps to push these changes to the repo under the same branch.

  • make your code changes, corrections or modifications
  • modify your git commit message to reflect the changes you have made

git commit --amend
  • push your changes to the remote repo. Note the + sign prefix to local branch name.

git push <name of repo> +<local branch>


git push lucid +lp554433

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