The kernel team needs somewhere to keep track of the enhancements they want to make to their arsenal scripts. This wiki page is intended to do that. There is also an associated Blueprint if there are specific tasks that need to be tracked via a Whiteboard.


  1. Look at and see if there is a way to have arsenal scripts look for the indicated strings.

  2. We have processed most of the "Incomplete (without response)" bugs. There are still a bunch that probably should be but we can't with the simplistic criteria we are using. There are a bunch of bugs that have had at least one comment since they were marked "Incomplete". However, those comments are now quite old. We need to revisit those bugs, ask for new testing on new kernels and reset the "Incomplete" status so that in 30 days they can be expired.
  3. Work out, with cnd's help, what bugs would benefit from the ftrace bits that he has been working on. This should also be scoped and defined with his help.
  4. Automate the creation of SRU tracking bugs for stable release updates.

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