This document describes how to apply an upstream stable update to an Ubuntu kernel. Example commands here are taken when applying the 3.13.11-ckt13 release; version numbers must be changed appropriately.

  1. Create a tracking bug (be sure to take note of the bug number!).
     $ kteam-tools/stable/create-stable-tracker --version 3.13.11-ckt13
  2. Generate the set of patches to be applied.
     $ git format-patch v3.13.11-ckt12..v3.13.11-ckt13 -o /tmp/3.13.11-ckt13
  3. Update the patches to include the appropriate buglink and sign-offs.
     $ kteam-tools/maintscripts/maint-modify-patch --sob=sforshee --bug=1408779 /tmp/3.13.11-ckt13/*.patch
  4. Apply patches to master-next.
     $ git am /tmp/3.13.11-ckt13/*.patch
    Some patches may have already been applied; keep track of these for the purposes of updating the tracking bug.
  5. Update configs.
     $ fakeroot debian/rules updateconfigs
  6. Update the tracking bug with the list of patches. The output of:
     $ git log --format=%s --reverse v3.13.11-ckt12..v3.13.11-ckt13
    Remove any patches from this list which were already applied and list them separately in the tracking bug.
  7. Do a test build.
  8. Push the updates to the master-next branch.

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