Pursuant to UDS-Q blueprints, the Ubuntu Kernel Team team has collapsed multiple 12.04 x86 flavours into a single 12.10 flavour, i.e. generic. We've also modified kernel packaging for x86 such that it is delivered in 2 packages, i.e. linux-image and linux-image-extra. This accommodates the needs of virtual instances where the smallest possible kernel package is desired, i.e. linux-image. With these changes in flavors, there are also corresponding changes to the meta packages which support these flavors. The following documents the changes to the meta package offerings.

Quantal Quetzal 12.10

For the documented list of supported 12.10 kernel flavours, please see

The general relationship rules for the Quantal kernel meta packages are as follows:


depends on linux-headers-<flavour> and linux-image-<flavour>. Note the dependency of linux-<flavour> on the appropriate kernel and headers package. This is now common across all architectures.


depends on the kernel headers package.


depends on the kernel and extras binary packages. [1]

[1] The exception is linux-image-virtual which only depends on the kernel binary package and not the extras package. Linux-image-extra-virtual depends on both the kernel and extras packages.

The specific Quantal kernel meta package mappings are as follows. Package flow diagrams have also been included below.


Meta Package Flavor

Meta Package Mapping


i386 amd64


linux → linux-generic → (see below)

Default kernel optimised for Desktop/Server use. (diagram below)

linux-image → linux-image-generic → (see below)

i386 amd64


linux-generic → [linux-image-generic, linux-headers-generic]

Default kernel optimised for Desktop/Server use. (diagram below)

linux-headers-generic → linux-headers-ABI-generic

linux-image-generic → [linux-image-ABI-generic, linux-image-extra-ABI-generic]

i386 amd64


linux-server → [linux-image-server, linux-headers-server]

A transitional meta package which redirects to the generic meta package above. (diagram below)

linux-headers-server → linux-headers-generic

linux-image-server → linux-image-generic

i386 amd64


linux-virtual → [linux-image-virtual, linux-headers-virtual]

A transitional meta package which redirects to the paired down generic kernel. Intended for KVM, XEN, and EC2 use. (diagram below)

linux-headers-virtual → linux-headers-generic

linux-image-virtual → linux-image-ABI-generic

linux-image-extra-virtual → linux-image-generic

A transitional meta package which redirects to the complete kernel offering. Intended for KVM, XEN, and EC2 use. (diagram below)

armel armhf


linux-omap → [linux-image-omap, linux-headers-omap]

Kernel for TI OMAP3 use. (diagram below)

linux-headers-omap → linux-headers-ABI-omap

linux-image-omap → linux-image-ABI-omap



linux-omap4 → [linux-image-omap4, linux-headers-omap4]

Kernel for TI OMAP4 use. (diagram below)

linux-image-omap4 → linux-image-ABI-omap4

linux-headers-omap4 → linux-headers-ABI-omap4



linux-highbank → [linux-image-highbank, linux-headers-highbank]

Kernel for Calxeda Highbank use. (diagram below)

linux-headers-highbank → linux-headers-ABI-highbank

linux-image-highbank → linux-image-ABI-highbank



linux-powerpc64-smp → [linux-image-powerpc64-smp, linux-headers-powerpc64-smp]

Multiple CPU 64 bit powerpc kernel. (diagram below)

linux-headers-powerpc64-smp → linux-headers-ABI-powerpc64-smp

linux-image-powerpc64-smp → linux-image-ABI-powerpc64-smp



linux-powerpc-smp → [linux-image-powerpc-smp, linux-headers-powerpc-smp]

Multiple CPU 32 bit powerpc kernel. (diagram below)

linux-headers-powerpc-smp → linux-headers-ABI-powerpc-smp

linux-image-powerpc-smp → linux-image-ABI-powerpc-smp

generic-i386-amd64.png server-i386-amd64.png virtual-i386-amd64.png omap-armel-armhf.png omap4-armhf.png highbank-armhf.png powerpc64-smp-powerpc.png powerpc-smp-powerpc.png

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