How does a Kernel Team script determine what Ubuntu series the bug was filed against?

The algorithm for determining the series a bug was filed against is given below. The order is significant and indicates the order the checks are made. As soon as a series is found, no further checks are made:

  1. Look in the bug description for:
    1. "DistroRelease" which apport has been putting into the description for quiet some time.

    2. "Linux version string"
    3. "Description:" name/value pair which can contain the series version.
    4. "Release:" name/value pair which can contain the series version.
    5. The string: "Ubuntu <series>".

  2. Look in log files that the original submitter has attached to the bug:
    1. "kern.log"
    2. "BootDmesg.txt"

    3. "Dmesg.txt" / "dmesg.log"
    4. "alsa-info.log"
    5. "xorg.0.log"
  3. Look at the tags that have been added to the bug for a valid series. Note, there can be multiple specified so the first one found "wins".
  4. Look in the bug title for a valid series name. Again there can be multiple and again, the first found "wins".

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