Why did a bot come along and mark a bug "Won't Fix"?

The reason the bug was marked as "Won't Fix" is because it was filed against an Ubuntu series that is no longer supported. Which series a bug was filed against is determined by a number of methods based on the data the original bug submitter provided.

The linux project within Ubuntu has over 6500 open bugs filed against it. There is a constant stream of new bugs coming in every day. There is no way the 8 person kernel team can stay on top of all those bugs. Therefor we employ a number of scripts to help with some of the trivial management of the bugs.

The purpose of marking bugs as "Won't Fix" is to indicate to those that care, that the bug will not be looked at any longer. It also tells them that if the bug does still exist on a supported series, they should just open a new bug.

We don't claim that the script is perfect and won't impact some bugs that it shouldn't. The kernel team will continue to refine its scripts as time goes on.

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