The Ubuntu Kernel Team have developed (and are continuing to develop) a number of scripts, utilities and processes to help them do all the things they do.

Some of the things in kteam-tools:

  • Scripts that are used to perform kernel builds on remote systems.
  • Scripts to setup jailed kernel compilation environments (chroots). This allows a single host to build kernels for different Ubuntu releases.
  • Scripts and support files to produce daily, custom test isos from the daily, master, Ubuntu isos.
  • Scripts used for general / stable kernel maintenance.
  • Scripts to produce .debs for mainline kernels


kteam-tools are managed via git in a git repository on the Ubuntu kernel git repository server. A copy of the repository can be obtained via:

git clone git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/kteam-tools.git


In order to use some of the maintainer's scripts (in the maintscripts directory) you'll need to copy the file maintscripts/doc/example-maintscripts.cfg to $HOME/.maintscripts.cfg, and edit it so that you are in the 'signer' line.

If you add your own name to this configuration file, please change it in the kteam-tools tree and push it back to the repo on zinc


  1. Get a copy of the latest version of the repository using the command line given above in the Where section.

  2. Make any changes that you wish to contribute.
  3. Send a pull request to the Ubuntu kernel team mailing list asking that your changes be taken from your git repository and merged into the master kteam-tools git repository.

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