This page exists to track the state of Freescale patches going into the Karmic kernel.

Task List


Estimated Completion Date

Current Status

Forward port the imx51 kernel changes from Jaunty to Karmic.

24 July 2009

Completed: The initial patchset, applied to Karmic is now booting on both the Babbage 2 and Babbage 2.5 boards. A pull request has been submitted and the patches applied to the main Karmic repository.

Apply imx51 (Babbage 2) patches to Karmic.

7 Aug 2009

In progress

Integrate all Freescale ER9 patches into Jaunty, enabling Jaunty to boot on a Babbage 2

10 July 2009

Completed: The official Jaunty git repo now has these patches integrated.

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