Decide what level of support the various kernel flavors (topic branches) will get and whether it will be possible to distribute that work to various people/groups.

Release Note



At the moment security updates and proposed uploads for all topic branch kernels (ec2, arm) are done (or are tried to be done) at the same time as the changes for the main kernel. This raises several issue as the time required for preparing the packages and doing some basic tests multiplies. Also the tests have to be done by different people and by that add more delay which is a bigger issue for the security release, but also the proposed uploads are usually lagging behind. Do we keep on releasing security the same way as now or could it be decoupled?


  • It should be possible to do security releases for the main distro quicker but we don't want to lag too much for the topic branches either.
  • Expertise on the code for the topic branches often is usually distributed to other teams.
  • Hardware for tests is distributed to other teams.


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