Review of the kernel configuration for Raring Ringtail 13.04. This will concentrate on confirming the policy for various option types as well as new options. For major new options, we will discuss and confirm the selection of each.

Release Note



We need to review the Q kernel config to:

  • Ensure sanity of options we have enabled/disabled
  • Ensure that we have the best possible coverage for hardware
  • Ensure we maintain our security options


We need to review the default selection criteria for new options. We need to review any new options to ensure they are sensibly set. Finally we need to review important options such as filesystem selections and security options to ensure they are set as expected.

Selection Criteria

The basic rules are:

  1. if the option may be selected as module then we will enable it as a module,
  2. if the option creates a new subsystem (or filesystem) we will enable it,
  3. if the option is unlikely to cause regressions to existing behaviour we will enable it,
  4. if the option is dependent on EXPERIMENTAL then our normal policy is to not enable it, however it it is device specific we will enable it even though EXPERIMENTAL,
  5. else it will be disabled.

Additionally we have general policy of building in:

  1. subsystems associated with busses (as they will probe much earlier that way)
  2. boot essential subsystems
  3. default filesystems
  4. extremely common drivers
  5. usbhost interface drivers as they have huge ordering requirements
  6. cpufreq because it's hard to do in userspace
  7. non-discoverable drivers

Raring Config Review(s)

Adhoc Annotations/Config changes

  • ASYMMETRIC_* likely should be =y annotate
    • done
  • DMA_OMAP boot essential ?
    • yes, done
  • DRM_* turn on as per annotation
    • done
  • EXTCON is an android keys annotate Y (subsystem)
    • done
  • MMC_SDHCI_PLTFM boot dependancy for arm
    • yes, done
  • MTD_ONENAME_SIM likely turn off across the board
    • disabled, done
  • NET_CALXEDA_XGMAC investigate for boot essential
    • yes, done
  • REGULATOR_PCAP needs investigateion
    • looks benign, leaving enabled, done
  • SERIAL_SCCNXP console on arm ?
    • done
  • VIRTIO_* needs to be Y on arm if has xen/kvm -- needs investigation
    • not needed currently, done
  • X509_CERTIFICATE_PARSER module signing
    • done
  • MEMCG_SWAP -- is this something we care about
    • yes, done
  • NFS_V4_1 is likely needed
    • yes, done
  • TCM_VHOST what is that
    • related to virtio support, looks interesting, enabled, done
  • TICK_CPU_ACCOUNTING needs investigation
    • default cput time measurement system, looks ok, done
  • VFIO_PCI likely ok to be m
    • looks like a new subsystem and therefore appropriate for enabling, done


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