Occasionally, patches contained in upstream stable updates cause regressions.

The policy for Ubuntu is to identify and revert the offending patches, and then generally perform the following steps:

  • Investigate whether upstream has resolved the problem with patches which are queued for stable updates
  • Notify the upstream subsystem maintainer of the problem
  • Track fixed which are provided and reapply the patches when a solution is found

In order to keep track of these reverted commits, the stable kernel team will open bugs to track them. These bugs should be used as follows:

  • Create the bug and list the commits which are to be reverted
  • Apply the kernel-stable-next tag
  • Nominate the bug for all series from which the commit(s) are reverted
  • Set to "In Progress" for all series which require future tracking
  • Set to "Wontfix" for any series for which the commit(s) will forever be dropped
  • Set to "Fix Released" when a complete solution has been found and applied to the master-next branch

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