About Me

Kevin DuBois, Computer Engineer, San Diego, CA, USA

  • point-of-contact for Ubuntu Hours in San Diego, California since October 2010.
  • currently co-organizer for a twice a month Ubuntu Hour in San Diego's Hillcrest area.
  • solely organized once a month Ubuntu Hours from Oct 2010 to Jun 2012. Co-organized with Phillip Ballew from Jun 2012 onwards
  • specializes in kernel and embedded work, especially multimedia and graphics.
  • University of Michigan graduate (2010).
  • I have been using Ubuntu as my primary OS since 5.10.
  • natural languages are C/C++, and python. Lots of involvement with graphics and multimedia libraries


Ubuntu Advocacy and Involvement

  • UDS Attendance I attended UDS Oakland in May 2012 and UDS Copenhagen in October 2012.
  • LOCO Teams

    I am a member of the California Ubuntu Loco team [CaliforniaTeam] from 2010 onward. I've been organizing the San Diego area activities. I have organized the monthly San Diego-area Ubuntu Hours since October 2010, and was an exhibitor for the Ubuntu booth at the Scale9x expo. Starting in September 2011, I became a co-organizer for twice a month Ubuntu Hours in San Diego.

    I was a member of the Michigan Ubuntu LOCO team [MichiganTeam] from its founding in 2008 to 2010. During my involvement, I attended most Ann Arbor based activities, and gave some speeches on behalf of the Ubuntu Loco. I moved to California in 2010 and joined the California team!

  • Open Source Blog

    I maintain, an open source blog that has had 100,000+ pageviews since I made it about 3 years ago. I generally write advice, project updates, or how-to's

  • Speeches

I'm planning a speech on the state of the Ubuntu Graphics Ecosystem for the Southern California Linux Expo 2011. I gave an hour and a half long speech promoting Ubuntu Linux to the Ann Arbor Computing Society on behalf of Michigan Loco in December 2008. I intend to give a speech to the San Diego area LUG (kplug) detailing the Linux graphics ecosystem, and the impact that the Wayland Server will have on it within the next two months.

Other Open Source Projects & Contributions


My day-job involves development for the Android kernel, which is open source and eventually winds its way back to the mainline kernel. I have developed and improved the graphics drivers for the kernel.

Compiz Fusion

I was a contributing developer to the project from 2007 to 2009. I maintained;a=summary, a branch of extra animations. ( Videos here I am syndicated on as well.


* patches and bugfixes to the team. My rework of the audio filtering infrastructure was incorporated into mainline.


* I was accepted into the 2009 Google Summer of Code working on an audio filtering library that will provide equalizers, normalizers, volume adjustments, etc. all on the fly.

Pet Projects

* Jot aims to be a character recognition program used by tablet PC's to allow for handwritten input of characters. The recognition rate is about 70% as of now, and its not user friendly yet. If you want something more usable, try out onestroke! Jot Homepage :

* Flashnotes is a flashcard program aimed at training pianists. Written with GTK/Cairo, I hope to hook it up to a midi sequencing library so the program can recognize when the user gets the note correct. Grab the current code frome here:

Hardware Hacking

I'm a computer engineering, which means I like hardware just as much I like software. My blog has a few details of projects that I've made from AVR and PIC microcontrollers that I've programmed using entirely OSS software. I have experience with embedded systems, and have worked with the assembly on PIC/amtel/PPC/i386 processors. I love promoting hardware development using only open source tools.


Kevin was the first person I met when I got really involved with the California LoCo. He was and is the Main man who leads and is behind the really successful San Diego Ubuntu Hour that is seeing steady rise in attendance since it started a year ago. He shows such humility in being able to set up events with other Ubuntu users who might not be a "tech-savvy" as him. Along with the work he does with the LoCo for Ubuntu Hours, he also helps at events such as Scale (Southern California Linux Expo) where he uses his Linux skills to promote Ubuntu to all the Linux enthusiasts around. He will sit there and teach a end user how to perform a task as I have seen him do several times, something most Kernel developers will not do. He has showed me Many things personally in person and through IRC, such as, compiling software, fixing sound issues and also deciding between password authentication and RSA keys for SSH. His Ubuntu contributions contribute for themselves and I feel that with membership it can do nothing but grow. He is someone who shows the spirit of Ubuntu and all that we need to eliminate bug #1. I Think Kevin will make a great Ubuntu Member. Philip Ballew 10-09-11

What can I saw about Kevin? He has been a wonderful resource is starting Ubuntu Hours in the greater San Diego area. Having seen him interact with new users I can fully say that Kevin is very understanding and extremely patient. Kevin is someone that I have been proud to work with at the Ubuntu Hours as well as working with him at the Southern California Linux Expo with the Ubuntu booth there. I would be happy to call Kevin a fellow Ubuntu Member and I fully endorse his application for membership. -- david.wonderly 2011-10-19 21:40:27


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