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I've been working in the mobile software industry for over 12 years at the time of writing this. Mostly at Nokia Symbian phones and TI on OMAP. Although most of my experience has been writing or managing software of a private nature for the most part, except for a little Android based stuff. I've always been involved in the multimedia or graphics domains somehow. And been involved in many products starting on the Nokia 7650 and at this moment most recently the Kindle Fire HD. Hoping at the time of this writing we soon see Ubuntu on a live mobile phone at a store near you.

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Outside of Ubuntu, the only open contributions are to bltsville, a 2D blitting facility that could be implemented in either software or rely on dedicated hardware:;a=summary &

For Ubuntu, I am managing the developers creating UnityNext & Mir. So most recently I've primarily building out blueprints for Mir & UnityNext you can find the all the related feeder blueprints by accessing these &


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