Kevin Kubasik

Contact Information


  • Kevin _at _kubasik net
  • kkubasik A gnome org


  • qub333


  • kkubasik



General Open Source Work

  • Developer for Beagle Desktop Search
  • Member of the Gnome Foundation
  • Member of the Gnome Moderator Team
  • Dozens of smaller patches to F-Spot, Banshee and Tomboy
  • Member Gnome BugSquad (less active now, I spend more time triaging in launchpad, since the volume there requires a lot more attention)

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Started takeover of Beagle package, as current maintainer doesn't have the time. ( BrandonHale )

  • Packaging of smaller libraries needed for Beagle. (evolution-sharp and monotorrent for the next release)
  • Member of the Ubuntu Bugsquad, triage mainly Gnome packages, launchpad has exact numbers.
  • Am an upstream contact at Gnome for many Ubuntu bugs.
  • Wiki Maintenance, I do a lot of small cleanup work in the wiki, as well as authoring lots of the early screencasting instructions we had.
  • Initial recordings for the Ubuntu Screencast Team, rarely do post production.
  • I am actively involved in the creation and pursuit of Ubuntu Specifications.
  • Contributed several reports for the Laptop Testing Team
  • Assist with iso testing

Personal Info

  • Live in Potomac, MD (Suburb of Washington, DC)
  • Currently am working on a double major in Computer Science and Music at Case Western Reserve University

  • That means I really am living in Cleveland, OH at the moment
  • Member of all-male A Cappella group Speakeasy (New CD coming out in a month or so, link will be here Wink ;) )

If your feeling bored, you can always read Kevin's Blog.

Endorsement of Membership/MOTU

I will be unable to attend the meeting, so I hope no one minds that I am placing my endorsement of Kevin here. As you have probably seen, Kevin has a solid history of activity in Launchpad, including triaging bugs (both in LP and upstream), and specifications. Kevin is an active contributor to Gnome projects, particularly Beagle. He has been known to fix bugs and contribute new features. He carries a good rapport with the upstreams he has mentioned, and will surely fit right in to the Ubuntu desktop team.

Kevin is a capable packager, but could use a little more experience to master the more esoteric pieces. I would also endorse him for MOTU after a few more sponsored uploads.

Thanks for your consideration, Brandon Hale

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