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My name is Kevin Zak. I'm a 16-year-old web developer living in Nebraska. I began using Ubuntu based on the recommendation of a friend and colleague, Seth Kinast. After first installing it on an old laptop, I quickly deleted my Windows partition and started using Kubuntu full time. A year later, I tri-boot Kubuntu 7.07 Gutsy, Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Alpha 2, and Windows XP. My online activities include PHP programming, website design, and hunting for awesome deals on hardware. My offline activities include repairing computers, reading, basketball, and Mock Trial.



AIM: kevinzak21

Website: Kevin

LaunchPad Profile

PGP Key: DD6B223C

IRC: nivek on


I have only recently taken the initiative to become involved in the Ubuntu community. After resigning a long term position at a free forum provider as a member of the documentation team, I've found myself with a void that needs to be filled. Ubuntu is the perfect answer. Not only will I benefit from sheer knowledge, but hopefully other users will benefit from my work here, as well. I hope to soon become a member of the DocumentationTeam as well as a more proficient member of the BugSquad.


Below is a summary of my contributions to the Ubuntu community.


I devote nearly 5 hours a day to giving support in #kubuntu and I'm usually in the channel longer than that. While I'm not as knowledgeable as most, I do look over every question and respond when I know the answer or at least can help the person get on the right track to solving their problem.

Documentation Team

The following consists of the pages I've written or proofread. This is more for my reference than anyone else's.

  1. Proofread and fixed errors on Environment Variables documentation.


I've recently installed the Alpha 2 version of Hardy and I've been testing it for 3 hours a day ever since. I haven't come across a bug yet, but I am going to report them when I find one.


I've recently learned about bug triaging. I look forward to giving this a try in the near future.


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