KiwiNZ (Mike Braniff)

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I am KiwiNZ. I have been a member of Ubuntu Forums since 12 October 2004 (Member number 9). I have been on the staff of Ubuntu Forums since 2004, initially as a Moderator .I was an Administrator and Forum Council Member from 2004 until April 2011 when work commitments were such that I was no longer in a position to give it the hours required. I am still a Staff member for Ubuntu Forums.

As my nickname suggest I am from New Zealand,I live in the Capital City ,Wellington.Up until my Medical Retirement in 2009 I was an IT Manager for one of the largest IT Houses in New Zealand.

I have been fully committed to Ubuntu from the day it was announced and have used every version since the very first releases.

In my life outside Ubuntu I am involved with Urban Search and Rescue.


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